News Report – 21st April 2013 – New Province and Military

Today, two major steps forward for Adammia were achieved. Firstly, the nation founded its first new province outside the original territory, and also, the Emperor created a military to defend the nation.

An agreement was made between Emperor Adam and his brother, Daniel. Under this agreement, the territory of their grandparent’s back garden would become part of the Empire, with Daniel as its Governor. The residents did not have a problem when the Adammic visitors arrived, so the annexing was a smooth process. A flag was made and hoisted, and the province was named Tytannia. With this action, the Empire’s size has increased dramatically, and has gained us several new citizens, including Sir Reginald Hall, grandfather to the Emperor, who is now Chief Advisor to His Majesty.

With all this new land, it was vital that it could be defended and kept safe from any hostiles that might come. As such, the Emperor signed Decree I, which formed the Military of Adammia and the Adammic Army. With His Majesty as Commander-in-chief and two recruits already signed up, the armed forces are off to a great start and are proud to be serving Adammia. Of course, the military is only for defence; this is clearly defined in Decree I, along with the rule that lethal force shall never be used under any circumstances. Adammia is a peaceful nation and we hope that the formation of the military will not suggest otherwise.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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