News Report – 27th April 2013 – Treasury and More Provinces

The Empire has been very busy in the past week. Firstly, on Wednesday, the entire property owned by the Emperor’s mother was annexed, and formed into the Province of Maternia, which will be governed by Prince Jake. The process went very smoothly, with an official document being signed by everyone involved.

Last night, the Emperor wrote Decree II, which formed the Treasury. This is a desposit of the nation’s wealth, and contains £2.55.

Finally, today the original Adammic territory, located in the Emperor’s bedroom, expanded massively when the rest of the house was annexed following a treaty between the Emperor and his father. This time the process was not as smooth, with the father requiring confirmation that the treaty would not affect his life in any way, and later advising the Emperor to “get a girlfriend”. The Empire is now made up of over 500 square metres of land, and has 7 full citizens! However, it is doubtful that this era of expansion will last for much longer. There are not many more places that can easily be annexed, and the Emperor is reported to be satisfied with the Empire’s current strength.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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