News Report – 5th May 2013 – Anthems and Skirmish

It has been another busy week for the Empire. Last Sunday, Adammia’s territory expanded to include all of the Hall residence, with the new province of Sapientia now bordering Tytannia, and a grand total of 12 full citizens in the Empire. Later that day, the Emperor opened communication with a second micronation – The Empire of Austenasia, and its leader, Emperor Jonathan I.

On Tuesday, His Imperial Majesty informally applied for provisional membership of the Grand Unified Micronational group following a brief discussion with the Austenasian leader. According to Jonathan, the nation shall be put under review by the Quorum on the 12th of May. As of right now, it is unknown whether or not the Empire will be be accepted.

On Thursday, the First Amendment to the Supreme Directive came into effect. This repealed Articles Nine and Ten, to make way for better legislation in future Imperial Decrees. It also made all future amendments require a public referendum in order to pass.

Yesterday, Decree III (National Symbols) was signed into law by the Emperor, filling the gaps left by the repealing of Article Ten. This decree made the coat of arms official, established our patron saint as Jebediah Kerman (infamous astronaut from the video game Kerbal Space Program), and gave us not one, but two anthems. The first, the National Anthem, is “Sim Broadway” from the SimCity 3000 official soundtrack. The second, the Emperor’s Anthem, is Toccata & Fugue in D Minor by J.S. Bach, performed by Kurt Ison in 2002.

National Anthem:
Emperor’s Anthem:

Finally, today the Adammic Army saw its first semi-combat action. During their weekly meeting in the Tytannia, the soldiers were practicing with fake rifles and plastic swords (their javelin had gone missing) when a young citizen stole one of their weapons and attacked them with it in melee. The soldiers fought back, but the Emperor, as their commander-in-chief, ordered them to stand down. The situation escalated when the rogue citizen damaged a rifle, rendering it useless until sellotape was supplied to repair it. Luckily, Crown Prince Daniel, the Archduke of the province, arrived and defused the situation. Later investigation found that, although the citizen was five years old, he suffered from autism putting his mental age closer to two years old, since he appeared to have difficulty forming full sentences and had no awareness of the consequences of his actions. Because of this, the Emperor pardoned him.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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