News Report – 11th June 2013 – Alliance with the Ordo Vladius & Knighthoods

Yesterday, the Emperor signed into effect Decree V. This introduced a new system of official honours related to the Empire.

Firstly, the Order of Adammia has been founded. Citizens and foreigners alike can be inducted into this order (foreigners becoming honourary citizens when this happens) by the Emperor when they have committed great service to the nation, giving them the status of Knight / Dame, or in exceptional cases, Lord, along with the style of Sir / Lady. Ten people have been inducted or are scheduled to be inducted into the Order already.

Furthermore, the Empire has entered an alliance with the secretive online organisation known as the Ordo Vladius. Following an agreement between the Emperor and Grand Master Patrick Vladek, the members of this group, of which there are four, shall act as ambassadors for Adammia in such exotic locations as France, Holland, Pennsylvania and Dorset, in return for full Adammic citizenship and knighthoods. This means that the population of Adammia has swelled from 12 to 16.

The full list of people who have been given honours can be found on our MicroWiki article network soon. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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