News Report – 12th June 2013 – Ecological Disaster in Tytannia

We are sorry to announce that a great ecological disaster has unfolded in Tytannia. Archduke Sir Reginald Hall reports that almost all the fish in the Pond have mysteriously vanished.

The Archduke informed the Emperor and Duke Crown Prince Daniel of the news last week. It seems that all of the large fish have gone, leaving only a few goldfish. The fish were last seen the previous autumn, before they went into hibernation. Sir Reginald has stated that the fish should stay at the bottom of the Pond during winter, and emerge again when he starts feeding them in Spring.

Due to the weather in Adammia this year, the feeding of fish has been later than usual. This has led to theories suggested by the Emperor that the fish could have starved or frozen to death – but as Sir Reginald pointed out, the bodies of the fish should float to the top if this happened.

The latest development in this story was revealed today, following the Emperor Mother’s return from her holiday in Portugal. Over dinner at a local carvery, she told the Emperor that Sir Reginald had come up with another theory – that a heron was responsible. If this is true, precautions will have to be taken in future. The local authorities have looked into installing a mesh over the Pond for this purpose. Unfortunately, the Office of the Emperor lacks the funds in the Treasury to assist them in this cause.

This is the latest in a series of ecological issues to affect Tytannia’s legendary fauna and flora. This year, the peach tree has been crippled by disease, and in recent years the pear tree has also had a poor harvest. The fish are said to have been rather expensive and are an unfortunate loss not just to Tytannia, but to the Empire as a whole.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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