News Report – 21st June 2013 – Decree VI means changes to online newspaper

Within the last hour, HIM the Emperor has signed into effect Imperial Decree VI. This decree has set out the official state media for the Empire; firstly, this very WordPress blog has been made the official online newspaper of the Empire! Now known as the Adammic Express, we shall continue business as usual, but now we shall no longer post documents such as decrees and amendments to the Supreme Directive here, because after all, this is a newspaper! However, do not fear, we shall still report on events such as a new Decree being signed, and explain what it means for the people. Public state documents shall instead be uploaded to the MicroWiki Commons site in this category: .

In addition to this, Decree VI has made the Adammic YouTube channel official, and it has been renamed to Adammic Online Television (AOT), as well as the Twitter account! Links to both can be found below.

It is hoped that these new changes will allow the people to be informed about changes being carried out by the Office of the Emperor. This will be very important if there is an upcoming public referendum or a similar matter which directly involves the people.

Adammic Online Television:
Adammia Twitter account:

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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