News Report – 23rd June 2013 – New Supreme Directive announced

In a press conference held in the Adammic Imperial Province this evening, HIM Emperor Adam I announced that a new Supreme Directive had been written and that a public referendum would be held to determine if it shall become law.

The original Supreme Directive was written in April this year and is generally thought of as a poor fundamental law. Where that document was only 2 pages long, its proposed replacement is over 9 pages. It gives extra rights to the Founder, defines between Emperor and Empress (now known in general as “Monarch”), makes such things as the “Imperator Adammiae” title official for the first time, and introduces a new concept that will “revolutionise the way that citizens are involved in the way the Empire is managed” – the Ruling Council. Made up of the Monarch, the Nobles and elected “Ministers” including a Prime Minister, this council will ensure democracy in the Empire, and will have the power to create “Acts of Council” which have legislative power second only to Imperial Decrees. On top of this, the new Supreme Directive introduces the planned “Grand Court”, finally implementing the judiciary powers granted to the Emperor in the April Supreme Directive.

On the 30th of June, the referendum process will start. Once all the full citizens have been given the chance to vote, the ballots shall be counted and if more than 50% support the new Supreme Directive, it shall take effect as our new fundamental law, opening up many more possibilities for our nation!

Press conference footage:

The proposed new Supreme Directive:

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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