News Report – 24th June 2013 – Expedition to Holderness Coast

Today, HIM the Emperor and two Adammic Knights travelled as part of an educational field trip for GCSE Geography to the Holderness coast, on the eastern coastline of the United Kingdom.

Emperor Adam, Sir Guy Crossland of █████ and Sir Samuel Grogan of ███ ███████ worked with two other British citizens at Flamborough and Mappleton in a group (the expedition itself being made up of over 50 members). They left █████ ███████ at around 8:50 AM, spending 2 hours on the coach before reaching Flamborough. Once there, they took measurements of the angle of the cliff, took samples of pebbles around the beach, made sketches and looked for signs of erosion. After lunch, they travelled to Mappleton and did the same – taking extra care to look out for any unexploded ordnance from the days when the Royal Navy would shell the area to test their weapons.

Though not officially endorsed by the Office of the Emperor, the trip gave His Majesty and his compatriots the opportunity to explore and stretch their legs after a long period of schoolwork. Whilst Sir Guy investigated a small waterfall with most of the expedition, the Emperor found a small cave behind a mound of slumped clay and named it after himself – Belcher Cove.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!­­


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