News Report – 30th June 2013 – Referendum Unanimously Proclaims New Supreme Directive

In the first act of democracy in all of Adammia’s history, the public referendum on the new Supreme Directive was held today. Citizens from Sapientia, Maternia, the Adammic Imperial Province and the Ordo Vladius voted on whether the state should continue to use the original Supreme Directive of April 2013, or to adopt the newly written Supreme Directive which we reported on last week, thus introducing the new concepts of the Ruling Council and the Grand Court.

The voting stations opened in East Adammia at around midday and closed on Skype at 8PM. The ballots were quickly counted, and the results are as follows: Out of 14 eligible voters, 8 voted in the referendum, giving a turnout of 57%. All those who voted did so in support of the new Supreme Directive, giving 100% support, and hence allowing the Emperor to sign it into law.

At 20:47, the Emperor signed the new Supreme Directive on behalf of the citizens of Adammia. It replaces the April Supreme Directive as our fundamental law, and is fully implemented, meaning that the Ruling Council has now been established and its positions will start to be occupied.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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