News Report – 7th July 2013 – First Meeting of the Ruling Council Held

Yesterday, the recently founded Ruling Council of Adammia held its first official meeting in Tytannia.

The marvellous weather sweeping the nation prompted citizens from all provinces to gather in Tytannia’s famous Square during the Hall family’s weekly get-together. Whilst there, four of the six current members of the Ruling Council went to the back of Tytannia to hold their first meeting.

The Emperor officially opened the meeting, and asked who was present. In addition to himself, there was: Sir Reginald Hall, Archduke of East Adammia and the Chief Advisor; HIH Crown Prince Daniel as the Duke of Tytannia; and HIH Prince Jake as the Duke of Maternia.

Being the first meeting of the Council, there was very little to discuss. The Emperor asked about the status of each province, which raised points such as the hot weather, the recent ecological problems with the Pond, and internet connectivity issues in the AIP. The Council then discussed the upcoming Local Elections around the Empire.

The Council is reported to have learnt from their first meeting, which was admittedly a little hasty and unsure, and in future will use a written agenda, rather than relying on the Emperor’s ad-libbing skills.

After the meeting, the citizens gathered in East Adammia proceeded to have a barbeque in the Square. Around 10 people were present, which is over half of Adammia’s population! This rare cultural event was made official by the Emperor at the moment the fire was lit.

If you live in Adammic territory and are older than 12 years of age, you are eligible to nominate yourself in the upcoming Local Elections. If you win the election in your province, you will become the Minister for it, giving you a place on the Ruling Council and a chance to become Prime Minister or other high-ranking government official! To nominate yourself, simply contact the Emperor or one of the nobles in your area.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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