News Report – 19th July 2013 – Local Elections Begin as School Year Ends

HIM Emperor Adam I completed a two-week work experience course today. His ‘job’ was in IT management with the Hi Tech Group (HTG) based at █████ ███████. This has involved setting up computer hardware, installing operating systems, drivers and other software, responding to issues and helping his supervisor, Simon Ward. His Majesty describes the experience as “usually easy and relaxed, interesting at times but often quite boring”. The work experience ties in with the Emperor’s macronational goal of entering the field of computer programming and software development – while IT management is quite different, it was the closest placement available when the Emperor decided to change from his previous placement in a teaching role at another local school.

The end of this course also marks the end of the academic school year in the UK (and therefore in Adammia too). There is now no school for six weeks, and the Emperor hopes to take advantage of this to greatly boost activity in the Empire. The Ruling Council has held two meetings so far, and already they have been making progress towards advancing the Empire. The proposed citizen ID cards have been discussed and the deadline of the 24th of August has been set, for this is when the Emperor shall attend the Insomnia Game Festival in Telford and have a rare chance to meet several honourary Adammic citizens in real life. Meanwhile, the Emperor has drafted the first Act of Council, which will codify its internal procedures, to be debated (and hopefully passed!) at the Council meeting this weekend. In addition, the first of the Local Elections for the position of Minister of the various provinces has begun, with Maternia yesterday electing Emperor Mother Jayne as its Minister – though, as the only resident, she was basically just electing herself. The Adammic Imperial Province has its election tomorrow, followed by Sapientia next week.

Internationally, affairs are still moving, and the Adammic Express must step in here to apologise for neglecting this in last week’s article, but on the 8th of July, Adammia signed its first intermicronational treaty – a Treaty of Mutual Recognition with the Theodorist Regional Dominion of Burnham and its Land. This is not only the first time Adammia has officially recognised another nation, but also the first time another nation has recognised Adammia, and we consider this to be a massive step forward for Adammia on the intermicronational stage.

That concludes the news for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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