News Report – 24th July 2013 – Council Passes First Act, Census Begins

On Sunday the 21st this weekend, the third meeting of the Ruling Council historically passed its first Act. The Internal Procedures Act 2013 was written by HIM The Emperor to codify the internal procedures of the council meetings and the way the local elections are managed. It passed with 4 votes in favour and 3 members not voting either due to absence or abstaining, and was given Imperial Consent on day IC of his reign. That’s right – the Empire is now over 100 days old!

Meanwhile, the Emperor has brought in Imperial Decree VIII which has officially started the Citizen ID card project. The Decree has gone smoothly through the Ruling Council, a design has been produced, and just today the first census forms have started going out, which will collect the neccesary information to go on the ID cards.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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