News Report – 4th August 2013 – Political Parties, Elections, Business and More

This week in the news, the first political party is made after the passing of Act 2, the Local Elections wrap up and the National Elections are announced, and a YouTube channel becomes the first state-owned enterprise.

With the AIP unanimously voting in the Emperor as its Minister on the 20th of July and Tytannia being illegible for local elections, there was only Sapientia left for voting and it was expected this would take place on the 27th. However, the vote was tied at 50% between the two candidates – Sir Reginald Hall and his wife Winifred Hall, both voting for each other. It took until yesterday, when the Emperor arrived in Sapientia to resolve the issue, for the province to complete its local election, when Sir Reginald was persuaded to withdraw his vote for Duchess Winifred and vote for himself, allowing him to unanimously become Minister of Sapientia. Now that there are four Ministers in place, the National Elections can begin to find a Prime Minister. These will possibly take place on the 25th of August – since they were announced yesterday and there is constitutionally a 3-week gap from announcement to the day itself, it was thought it would take place on the 24th, but this is the date of the Insomnia Game Festival in Telford, UK, which the Emperor will be attending and hence unable to oversee the elections on that day. If not the 25th, they will be a week later. Out of the four candidates, the Emperor cannot become Prime Minister, so that leaves three eligible. Out of those, Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher and Sir Reginald Hall are the two candidates who will be running for the position of Prime Minister, as Crown Prince Daniel does not wish to run.

Moving on, the 2nd of August saw the creation of Imperial Decree IX, in which the Emperor transfered his private gaming YouTube channel, a private project, to state ownership. This came just a few hours after the channel, named “ABanimationLtd”, was partnered with the RPM Network, a branch of Maker Studios in Los Angeles, California. This means that the channel will now generate a small amount of advertising revenue, some of which will be donated to charity and the rest going directly into the Adammic Treasury to help fund new projects for the nation.

Finally, at yesterday’s 5th Ruling Council meeting, Act 2, the Political Parties Act 2013, was passed with 4 votes in favour, 1 abstain and 2 not present. This Act, written by the Emperor, has created a framework for political parties in the rest of the system. Furthermore, earlier today, the Emperor registered the first party, led by himself – the Liberal Imperialist Secular Technocratic Party or LIST Party for short. The manifesto of the party is as follows:

The LIST Party believes that:


-All people should have the freedom to do as they want as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others or seriously compromise the stability of the state.

-The Empire should seek to peacefully expand where it can and spread its influence, bolstered by the military but avoiding using harm or force, led by the Emperor by his self-given right as Imperator of this land.

-Religion should not interfere with how the state is run in any way.

-People should be put in positions of power based on their skills and experience, for example a soldier should be Minister for Defence

Currently the LIST Party only has one member, His Imperial Majesty as its President, however under the Political Parties Act, any full or honourary citizen of Adammia can join a party. The Adammic Express expects that it will be very interesting to see if citizens flock to the Emperor’s party, or will start making their own separate parties to compete with the LIST Party.

That is all for now. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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