News Report – 10th August 2013 – Colony of Creatuxia Annexed

On Thursday the 8th, the Empire of Adammia expanded for the first time since April when a Treaty of Annexation was signed between His Imperial Majesty the Emperor and Sir Damian Parker KOA, an honourary citizen since June 2013.  This treaty created the colony of Creatuxia, the first territory to use the colony system instead of the province system. Both systems were made with Decree IV in May 2013.

Creatuxia consists of a large semi-detached house, its two gardens, and a driveway that is de-facto part of the property in Congleton, Cheshire, UK. It has a population of two permanent residents – Sir Damian Parker and his mistress, Madam Stacey Barratt DOA. The exact size of the property is unknown, though estimations made using Google Earth suggest a number near 460 square metres of land. This makes it the second largest continous piece of Adammic territory, behind East Adammia (Tytannia and Sapientia) at 470 square metres.

Sir Damian, in his capacity as Governor of this new colony, has adopted the title of High Lord Overseer. Under Decree IV, he is allowed to make any legislation he sees fit, though it must follow the Supreme Directive. Decrees and Acts of Council do not hold effect there unless they specifically say so.

The name “Creatuxia” is derived from Sir Damian’s online name “creativetux”, which is in turn based on the famous Linux mascot, Tux. The acquisition of this territory means that the Empire now has 1228 square metres of land and a population of 22 full citizens / 9 permanent residents.

Meanwhile, the Office of the Emperor has been busy this week, passing a grand total of three Imperial Decrees. Decree X officialised certain titles and styles such as Emperor Mother / Father. Decree XI reformed the military slightly to make it more flexible, and Decree XII, passed today, changed territory management so that Treaties of Annexation are not always compulsory. It is expected that these changes are in preparation of future territorial expansion of the Empire in the coming weeks.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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