Adammic Express Special – Election candidate interviews

The Empire’s National Elections are to be held in just three days, on the 25th of August when the country shall choose its first Prime Minister. The two candidates are: Her Imperial Highness the Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher MC DOA, as Minister of Maternia; and Sir Reginald Hall MC KOA, Archduke of East Adammia, as Minister of Sapientia. The Adammic Express interviewed them both on Tuesday to hear about their political ideas and their election campaigns.

Interview with Sir Reginald Hall

OK so, first question, is there anything you would like to see changed in Adammia?

No, not really no.

So, you’re happy with the Empire as it is right now?


Do you feel that people should have the freedom to do what they want, or do you think the government should take a more strict approach?

 Well, no one can do as they please, can they? You’ve got to have rules and regulations.

 But would you say it’s a bad thing to have too many rules?

 Well yes, if you get too many then the bereaucracy starts to take over.

 So, do you have any views on how religion is involved with the state?

Hmm, no, I’m atheist, for one thing […] we would be far better off without any religion whatsoever, in any form. It just gets in the way and causes rifts and… wars.

So, what about one of the most important aspects of politics, which is left versus right, communism or socialism versus capitalism? Do you have any stance on that? Do you think the socialist ideas are good where everyone has fair employment, and the workers own the enterprises? Or do you think that the capitalist system is better?

The capitalist system is taking over now. Everything is going from public owned to private owned. The fat cats are getting it all at the top, and the people at the bottom are getting less.

Now, I would imagine that many of these political views are driven by our long cultural relationship with the United Kingdom, which of course most Adammic citizens are citizens of. Now, how do you feel that policies based on our experience with the United Kingdom could be applied to Adammia? Do you think that the Empire of Adammia, as a small nation with limited resources, could accomplish and overcome some of the problems that we see around us in the United Kingdom?

I think I’ll have to pass on that one.

So what do you think about the regime we have at the moment, in the Empire of Adammia; the Monarchy, and the Ruling Council, do you see that as fair? Do you think that everyone has a say?

Aye, yes, yes.

And the Monarchy itself? The fact that the Head of State is not elected? What are your views on that? Do you think that the current Monarch is doing a good job as Emperor?

 Oh yes, certainly.

 So before we finish is there anything you’d like to add about your election campaign?

 Well, the thing is, at my age, I feel as though a younger person should be the Prime Minister.

So even though you are running, you think other people could probably do the job better than you?



Interview with Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher

First question, how do you see the Empire of Adammia right now? Do you think we are doing OK?

I think it’s still pretty much in its infancy, but I think it’s taking some structure; the Emperor’s got a lot of ideas about how he wants it to be, and we’re in the process of making a flag.

Do you think that a lot of rules are a good idea, or do you think that people should have the freedom to do what they want, as long as it’s acceptable and doesn’t infringe on people’s rights?

I think that it’s very important to have rules to do with law and order […] There should never be a situation where anarchy could arise. I don’t even believe that people should have a freedom of speech if that could be offensive to other people. So yes, I believe in rules for law and order, but I think that people should have freedom for their own enterprises and their own gains.

What about religion and how it relates to politics? Should religion be a part of how the country is run?

Religion and politics have always gone hand in hand. I think politics should be a totally separate issue. Religion is varied and we live in a multicultural society.  Gay marriage should be legal but religious groups shouldn’t be forced to comply.

Would you support the communist or socialist system where the workers own the enterprises and there’s fair employment, or would you rather support capitalism where anyone can do their own thing and have privately owned stuff?

I think there is some mid ground. I think that the way you have the autocratic leaders and the owners of industry who employ employees, if it can work well, but I think where the middle ground is, I think that workers should be able to have rights and unions, and have some influence on how industry works and their working conditions.

What do you think of the regime we have currently in Adammia, with the Monarchy and the Ruling Council, do you see that as fair, do you think that everyone is equally represented, do you think having the Head of State unelected… basically what is your opinion of our system in Adammia?

[on the Head being unelected] I don’t think that’s an issue, you’ve had no strong opposition, or even opposition from anyone; I think that the Emperor is not for self-gain, but for the smooth running of [the nation].



Sir Reginald made some interesting points. His secular approach to religion is certainly good, as is his middle stance on liberal versus authoritarian politics. However, numerous things let him down, and one of the most crucial of these was his inability to transfer his views into actual micronational policies for the Empire, drawing only on his experience with the United Kingdom. He also seemed unconfident in his ability to run the government, suggesting that the younger Emperor Mother could do a better job.

As for Jayne Belcher, she took a much more practical approach, demonstrating knowledge of current affairs in Adammia. Despite her harsh views on freedom of speech, her tolerance towards gay marriage and economic mid-ground scored her a few points.

So who will win and become our first Prime Minister? The Adammic Express will try to remain unbiased, but we expect an interesting result next weekend. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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