News Report – 28th August 2013 – National Election Results Published

The Empire of Adammia’s first ever National Election was successfully held on Sunday the 25th. Today, the Office of the Emperor had all state media publish the results. Here they are:

Out of the nation’s total population of 22, 20 were deemed eligible voters, the other two being too young to understand the concept. 14 votes were cast over the course of the day, giving a total turnout of 70%.

11 out of the 14 votes were cast for Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher, and 3 were cast for Sir Reginald Hall. With a massive majority of 78.6%, Belcher beat Hall’s 21.4% to win the election. Therefore, Her Imperial Highness Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher, Minister of Maternia, DOA PM has become our first ever Prime Minister. This, along with the fact that the Emperor shall soon draft Act 4 which shall create government departments, means that over the next few days and weeks we will see the National Government start to take shape.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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