News Report – 30th August 2013 – Recent Adammic Expeditions to Air Museum, Insomnia 49

Over the past couple of weeks, citizens from the Empire of Adammia have embarked on a total of three trips that have been designated as “official expeditions” by His Majesty the Emperor.

From the 14th to the 17th of August, the inhabitants of the recently formed Creatuxia colony vistited the Peak District in the United Kingdom for a short personal camping holiday. While this trip, comprised of High Lord Overseer Damian Parker KOA and Madam Stacey Barratt DOA, was not particularly notable, it did see the Emperor taking control of High Lord Damian’s Minecraft server, “World of Tux”, alongside honourary Adammic citizen and fellow administrator Madam Ella Smith DOA. The World of Tux server is notable for holding the Minecraft headquarters of the Grand Unified Micronational.

^ From left to right: Paul McKenna, Emperor Mother Jayne (now PM), Emperor Adam, and Prince Jake inside a Dakota aircraft at Yorkshire Air Museum. Photo taken by Crown Prince Daniel.

On the 20th of August, Emperor Adam, Crown Prince Daniel, Prince Jake, Emperor Mother Jayne and her consort Paul McKenna travelled to the Yorkshire Air Museum at RAF Elvington near York, United Kingdom. The group looked at a number of historical and modern military aircraft, along with several ground vehicles, including a tank. They also explored the excellently restored Control Tower and a number of exhibitions. However, their exploration was interrupted on several occasions by wasps, sworn enemies of the Emperor. Luckily, nobody was stung. The Office of the Emperor totally denies that the trip was actually a secret military research project.

^ From left to right: Harrison, Madam Becky Spencer-Smith DOA, Ryan Dawes, Jacob, High Lord Overseer Damian Parker, Emperor Adam, and Tom outside the entrance to the Telford International Centre for i49. Photo taken by Emperor Mother Jayne.

On the 24th of August, a number of Adammic citizens and their British friends convened on Telford, United Kingdom for the Insomnia Gaming Festival 49 – Minecraft Expo UK. From the central Adammic regions came Emperor Adam, Emperor Mother Jayne and Paul McKenna; From the Creatuxia colony came High Lord Overseer Damian “CreativeTux” Parker; also present was honourary citizen (now full citizen) Madam Becky “Bexomondo” Spencer-Smith; and British citizens Ryan “Cakebomb” Dawes, Jordan “Fishkingz” Jones, Harrison, friend of Becky; Jacob, friend of Ryan; and Tom, friend of Damian. The group came together as an informal meetup of regulars of the aforementioned World of Tux Minecraft server. As the Emperor Mother and her consort were mostly only present to transport and supervise the Emperor, they soon left the group to explore Telford Shopping Centre. Lord Damian, as the owner of the World of Tux server and the only adult, took charge and led the group around the convention for the duration of the day. The group visited the Exhibition Hall, where they acquired a large amount of free loot. They also attended two panels: the Mindcrack panel, by three members of a famous private Minecraft server, and the Minecraft Careers panel, by a number of notable figures in the community of the game who make a living from revenue on videos about it. The group met another regular of the server, the well known Dutch Minecraft parody singer Martijn “Phantaboulous”, along with with less personal Minecraft ‘celebrities’ such as Sips from the Yogscast; animator Slamacow; Variede, creator of the Survival Games; Mindcrack members W92Baj, Pyropuncher, and Millbee; BebopVox, MusicByPedro and more. The expedition members all greatly enjoyed the trip – it was, after all, the first time they had been able to meet each other in real life. The first batch of Adammic ID cards were handed out to Lord Damian and Madam Becky by the Emperor while there.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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