News Report – 1st September 2013 – Act creates Ministries, PM appoints Government

Today, progress towards creating the full National Government was made. At the Ruling Council meeting this afternoon, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam presented Act 4, which was passed with 5 votes in favour and 3 members not present. This Act created a total of 8 Ministries (governmental departments). These are:

-The Ministry of Finance
-The Ministry of Defence
-The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
-The Ministry of Citizenship
-The Ministry of Information
-The Ministry of Culture
-The Ministry of Science and Technology
-The Ministry of the Environment

Later in the meeting, the Prime Minister appointed a number of members as Ministers of these departments, starting to create the first National Government. The government as it stands at the moment is as follows:

-Jayne Belcher: Prime Minister
-Reginald Hall: Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance
-Kevin Belcher: Minister of Defence
-Emperor Adam: Minister of Foreign Affairs
-Crown Prince Daniel: Minister of Science and Technology
-Winifred Hall: Minister of the Environment

Act 4 also created the Office of State, which will handle a number of responsibilities: ensuring that the Supreme Directive is upheld, organising elections, ensuring that all citizens are fairly represented, managing the Line of Succession. The head of this Office is called the Lord Chancellor and the Emperor has appointed himself to this position.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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