News Report – 21st September 2013 – Council Introduces Contributions System

Today the Ruling Council passed Act 5 – the Contributions Act 2013. This Act has made all full Adammic citizens in and near the Adammic provinces over the age of 18 part of a contributions system where they will be expected to pay a certain small amount of money to the Treasury each month. While this has been likened to a tax system, there is a key difference in that citizens can choose to opt out of the scheme.

The vote to pass the act gained 6 in favour and 2 members not present. The Minister of Finance, Sir Reginald Hall, then set the monthly contribution rate to £0.50. The Council was undecided for the first time ever over whether the system should apply for September or wait until October starts, and it was the Prime Minister’s deciding vote that saw the first debt addition day set to the 1st of October.

The Emperor, who proposed and wrote the Act, had the following to say on it: “A system like this will be greatly beneficial to the government and the people as it will finally give us a source of income to create new projects and improve the nation as a whole, whilst not putting pressure on to those who might struggle to pay their contribution. I’m honestly quite surprised by the support the Council gave to the Act, seeing as it would directly affect many of its members. Something like this certainly wouldn’t be possible in a larger country, because too many people would opt out. Keeping the rate very low will hopefully keep people in the scheme.”

If nobody opted out of the scheme, it could earn the Treasury £5 per month and £60 per year. This could make a massive difference to government spending which has been very limited up until now. It, however, remains to be seen how well this unconventional system will work out.

In other news, two more governmental appointments have been made so far this month. Prime Minister Jayne Belcher appointed herself Minister of Information and made the Emperor Minister of Citizenship.


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