News Report – 18th October 2013 – News from the past month

Emperor Adam I, Editor

IMPERIAL HOUSEHOLD, Adammic Imperial Province – The Adammic Express is tonight publishing its first article in almost a month. As the editor, I would like to apologise for the hiatus. Running the newspaper can be a tedious job and I haven’t really been feeling up to it lately. The plan is to reform the Express so that we have regular weekly articles, probably every Sunday, so that news from the Ruling Council can be published quickly. You will have noticed that we now include bylines and datelines, which I also intend to keep as a permanent feature. Now, for the news itself from the past month.

HIM Emperor Adam I wrote Imperial Decree XIV on the 29th of September to relocate the Treasury to Sapientia Province. The move was undertaken to fit in with the new Contributions scheme created by Act 5. The Treasury’s full name is now His Majesty’s Imperial Treasury. The first contributions debts came into effect on the 1st of October and approximately £3 have been raised so far. The Ruling Council is set to debate what the money should be spent on, and their choices will then be implemented by the Ministry of Finance.

The Belcher Government is now complete after the Prime Minister, HIH Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher DOA, appointed Mr Andrew Hall (a Council member as the Foreign Citizen Liaison Secretary) as the Minister of Culture on the 29th. All of the Ministries now have a Minister appointed to them.

The Ruling Council and the National Government have together formulated an action plan to outline the legislative and executive goals in the near future. This list includes: Determine public spending; complete the fabric flag; complete the ID card project; investigate national holidays; and revise the national anthems. We can confirm that the anthems have since been placed under review.

On the 4th of October, the armed forces swelled for the first time in months after two new recruits, school friends of the Emperor, enlisted. Commodore T. Bennett is the first Air Force recruit and has been placed in command of the 1st Paper Air Group. Sergeant P. Beardsley has joined the army as the leader of the Imperial Airbourne, an honourary paratrooper infantry unit working with the 1st Paper Air.

On the 8th of October, a meeting of the Ruling Council (held in Maternia for the first time ever) passed Act 6, the Place Names Act 2013. This Act has established two organisations under the Ministry of Information: the Imperial Institute of History (IIH) and the Imperial Institute of Geography (IIG). The latter is responsible for recording official place names that are determined by the local governments of the places being named, which are then evaluated and confirmed by the MoI.

At the most recent Ruling Council meeting last weekend, the Emperor announced that he had begun work on an IT system for the government utilising the Google Drive service. At first this plan was ambitious, involving many different accounts. However, we can reveal that the Emperor confided to the Prime Minister today that he has decided to scale back the operation and limit access to the files to his own personal account for now, due to the fact that he would likely be the only civil servant to use the system.

His Imperial Majesty announced on Twitter earlier this week that he had written a speech addressed to the nation that he would present during his weekly visit to Sapientia hopefully this weekend. The last time a speech like this was performed was in June in Tytannia. The speech will likely summarise the state of the nation, progress over the past few months and the direction the Emperor wants it to go in next. The speech will be broadcast on Adammic Online Television.

Finally, we can exclusively reveal that His Imperial Majesty intends to have the state observe the Aerican Empire’s “niftyday” of Topin Wagglegammon. Originating as a celebration of “sillyness, eccentricity and fun”, Topin Wagglegammon is one of the most famous micronational events of its kind and is observed by many micronations. The Emperor intends to celebrate it by publishing a very eccentric Imperial Decree.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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