Adam I on recent speech – “Disappointed”

Emperor Adam I, Editor

IMPERIAL HOUSEHOLD, Adammic Imperial Province – Note from the editor: There was no article on Sunday as we released one on Friday, so there was little point. To fill in until the weekend, we are publishing this opinion section.

Our Imperial Majesty presented our second speech on Saturday the 29th. I wrote it several days before with the intent of it being a rallying call to a barely active nation, based on the success of the speech in June. However, a number of issues greatly spoilt the occasion: firstly, the script was not printed off on the day, so I had to write it up by hand from Google Drive very quickly, and as a result it was very difficult for even myself to read. This is quite noticable on AOT’s recording of the speech, as I pause several times to try and read my own messy handwriting. That was not the main problem though; you will notice that the speech recording is from the Deputy Prime Minister’s office in Governor’s Residence, Tytannia, but in actual fact the speech was intended to be presented in the Sapientia living room where Council often meets. I started the speech in there, with as many as eight people watching. The Emperor’s Anthem was played from the nearby computer before I started, but part was accidentally cut out. I also forgot my top hat during this first presentation. However, what really caused it to fall apart were constant interruptions on behalf of citizen James Foster. Mr Foster is six years old and suffers from severe autism, meaning he can barely string words together and often simply makes annoying nonsense noises. The attempts of the rest of the audience to keep him quiet only seemed to encourage him, until at about half way through the speech he quite literally screamed over my voice, rendering the AOT recording useless. At this point, incredibly frustrated, I gave up, and we relocated to Tytannia two rooms away, where the recording you see on AOT was done. Being quite put out by Mr Foster’s antics, my speech did not feel as strong as it could have been and besides, due to how small the Governor’s Residence is, there were only three people present for the full speech, when there could have been many more. So due to the fact that I lost a large amount of my potential audience and the fact that I could barely read the script, I am ultimately quite disappointed with the result of the Saturday speech. While I do not blame Mr Foster, as it is not his fault he is autistic, and I fully appreciate how difficult it must be for his parents to keep him controlled, this doesn’t change the fact that he is perhaps one of the biggest problems faced by the Adammic Government. After all, he was the one who started the Skirmish of Tytannia in May by damaging Adammic Army equipment, and he has interrupted Ruling Council meetings in the past too. I can only hope that one day the unfortunate child develops enough to understand the consequences of his actions and avoid causing problems for us.

The speech can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr__ECGlWik

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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