News Report – 3rd November 2013 – Imperial Family in Car Accident

Adam I, Editor

IMPERIAL HOUSEHOLD, Adammic Imperial Province – In this week’s news, the Emperor and immediate Imperial Family are involved in a minor car accident in the UK, sweeping amendments are issued to a number of Imperial Decrees, and work on the fabric flag begins.

On Thursday the 31st, celebrated in the UK and in some parts of Adammia as Halloween, the Imperial Family were en route from Maternia Province to the Adammic Imperial Province after visiting the Prime Minister. In the car was: His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I; His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Daniel; His Imperial Highness Prince Jake; and Emperor Father Kevin. The car was travelling through the British city of ██████████ when, according to a personal testimony, the Emperor Father took his eyes off the road for a fraction of a second. At that moment, the car ahead braked suddenly and the car transporting the Imperial Family collided with it. The car ahead was knocked forward into the next car ahead. His Imperial Majesty is reported to have exclaimed “Christ on a bike!” at the moment of the collision. However, we are happy to report that nobody was injured by the accident, and minimal damage was done to the Imperial car. We also understand that none of the vehicles involved had any serious damage. While the Emperor Father exchanged details with the other drivers – one of whom is believed to have been Czech – the Crown Prince is understood to have undertaken a very long rant about the situation. “These things happen,” the Emperor told the Express. “Yes, the Emperor Father was to blame, but that’s what insurance is for, because these things happen to everybody.”

Meanwhile this week, the Emperor announced on his new personal blog ( that he wished to review all of the Empire’s legislation produced so far since our foundation in April this year. So far this has involved writing Imperial Decree XVI, which has made changes to a number of previous Decrees. Issued on Monday the 28th, this Decree changed the National Sport to Auto Racing to reflect the Emperor’s ambitions for official competitions in the video game F1 2012. It also made a lot of changes to the titles and styles system, privatised ABanimationLtd, and recognised two more micronations: Sirocco and Uberstadt. The full Decree can be seen here: ( A full explanation of the Decree by the Emperor can be found on the blog link we provided earlier. The next step in the Emperor’s plan is to review the Supreme Directive and prepare what will likely be its First Amendment. It is expected that this will be presented in a press conference at the end of next week with a referendum on it scheduled for the week after that. In the amendment we may see territory management implemented directly instead of through the outdated Decree IV, and also the term of Provincial Ministers extended to match that of the Prime Minister. There is little information yet on the third stage – reviewing the 7 Acts of Council so far.

Last week, we reported that a storm was heading towards Great Britain which could affect the Empire. We can report that all of our territories and citizens survived the weather with very little noticable effects on their lives.

Today has been an industrious day in Sapientia Province. While the Emperor and the Princes were there for their weekly visit, His Grace Sir Reginald Hall DPM KOA, the Minister of Finance, presented a very fine box he had obtained which has now replaced an old plastic box as the official container of the Treasury (pictures coming soon). Furthermore, work on the fabric flag finally started, more than two months after the materials were bought from a shop in the UK. The Emperor completed the first hem of the flag, but there is still much work to be done.

This is all the news that we are publishing this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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