News Report – 24th November – Tytannia and Sapientia Provinces Merge, Council Re-shuffles

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Adammic Imperial Province – At the 20th meeting of the Ruling Council held today in what is now Tytannia, Adammia’s legislators approved an Act of Council presented by HIM Emperor Adam I to merge the provinces of Tytannia and Sapientia.

Tytannia is the Empire’s oldest official Province, dating back to the 21st of April, back when the Empire’s only other territory was Emperor Adam’s bedroom. It consists of the back garden and conservatory of the Emperor’s grandparents, HG Sir Reginald Hall and HG Winifred Hall. Formed after Adam made a deal with Crown Prince Daniel where the land would be given to the Crown Prince in exchange for him joining the Empire, Tytannia has seen many events in Adammia’s relatively short history, such as the skirmish between the Army and a rogue citizen in May and the Emperor’s first speech to the nation the following month.

Sapientia was formed separately a week after Tytannia, and it forms the rest of the property that is not Tytannia. Sapientia is often seen as a hub of cultural and governmental activity in Adammia, with many Ruling Council meetings taking place there during the Imperial Family’s weekly visits. However, many citizens have often gotten the two Provinces mixed up, due to their proximity. Sir Reginald Hall, then Councilor of Sapientia, would often report on Tytannia in the Crown Prince’s absence. Therefore at a meeting two weeks ago, the Emperor announced he would look into a solution, which we saw today with the merge.

The two Provinces are now one larger province, which retains the name Tytannia but inherits the local government and nobility of Sapientia. Furthermore, the new Province was split into two ceremonial sub-divisions called Counties, which reflected the old two Provinces – Sapientia being re-used as a County, and the old Tytannia now becoming the County of Tytannia Major. The new Duchess of Tytannia, HG Winifred Hall, held the responsibilty of appointing nobles to the counties. She made Crown Prince Daniel the Count of Tytannia Major, and appointed herself Countess of Sapientia, which again reflected the old positions held before the merge.

However, while ceremonially things were the same, politically the scene was very different. Being a Count was not enough for Crown Prince Daniel to remain a member of the Ruling Council, which would be necessary for him to remain Minister of Science and Technology. Therefore, in his capacity as Archduke of West Adammia and with the approval of the Council, the Emperor made the Crown Prince the second Duke of the Adammic Imperial Province, replacing inactive Council member Emperor Father Kevin. As the Emperor Father could then no longer remain to be Minister of Defence under these circumstances, the Prime Minister, Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher, replaced him with Emperor Adam.

In other news, a flag was seen flying over Tytannia today, and it seems the first fabric flag is approaching completion. The Emperor shut the edge of the flag in a window upstairs in the government building to test its dynamics in the wind; results were inconclusive, and another side still needs to be completed. Unfortunately, the Adammic Express was unable to get a photograph.

High Lord Overseer Damian Parker, the Governor of the Creatuxia Colony in Cheshire, announced to a group of Adammic, British and American citizens earlier this week that he planned to implement a number of home automation features in a project in the new year. Planned for the governor’s residence in Creatuxia, the scheme would utilise the revolutionary Raspberry Pi computer to create such feats as automatic lighting. If these plans go ahead, it would truly cement Creatuxia’s status as the technological capital of the Empire.

That is all this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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