News Report – 4th December 2013 – Imperial Birthdays and More

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Adammic Imperial Province – Note from the editor: it has been a quiet week in the Empire. This week’s article is late due to our busy timetable with mock exams in the United Kingdom. Normal publishing will hopefully resume from now on.

Both of the Princes in the Imperial Family celebrated their birthdays lately. On the 22nd of November, His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Daniel, Duke of the Adammic Imperial Province, turned 14 years old. On the 30th, His Imperial Highness Prince Jake, Duke of Maternia, turned 9 years old.

Also on the 30th, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, His Lordship Damian Parker High Lord Overseer of Creatuxia, Sir Guy Crossland KOA Slayer of the Mighty Nokia, and Madam Becky Spencer-Smith DOA, along with several British citizens convened on Telford, UK for the 50th Insomnia Gaming Festival. A similar group attended the previous festival in August for the “Minecraft Expo UK”, but this time the festival was used as a backdrop for a smaller social gathering of the “World of Tux” online community led by H.L.O Damian Parker. Emperor Adam wrote a post about the event about it on his personal blog, which you can read here for more information:

The Ministry of Citizenship has created a new citizen application form, that all new citizens will have to fill in. According to Emperor Adam, Minister of Citizenship, this does not mean that citizen applications are publicly open. The Ministry is still waiting on some policy decisions before any public applications will be made available. The Prime Minister, HIH Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher, has allegedly approved the application form.

Two new appointments have been made today. The Prime Minister appointed Emperor Adam her Director of Communications. He asked for this role after seeing clips from the BBC political satire The Thick Of It, where Peter Capaldi plays Malcolm Tucker, the aggressive foul-mouthed Director of Communications to the British PM. However, the appointment isn’t just a joke, as the Emperor hopes to use it to help breathe some life into the dormant executive branch. The second appointment comes from the Local Government of the Adammic Imperial Province, where the Councilor and the Duke have appointed HIH Emperor Father Kevin as the Baron of Adamsville. Adamsville is the only official city in the Empire. The Emperor Father was previously the Duke of the AIP, but was replaced during the merge of Tytannia and Sapientia last week.

BREAKING NEWS: The Office of the Emperor has just sent the Express a press release that it is changing its policy on Colonies. Its stance before was that it would only accept a territory as a Colony if the macronational landowner gave their consent to it, as was the case in Creatuxia. While this remains the same for an entire household, singular rooms can be annexed with only the consent of their primary occupant(s). This comes from the very early Empire, when Emperor Adam’s bedroom was declared independant despite the fact that the landowner, the Emperor Father, never gave his consent to this. Of course, while the annexation of a full house would be preferable, this new policy would be much more useful where obtaining consent from landowners might not be possible.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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