News Report – 8th December 2013 – First Government Meeting Held

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Adammic Imperial Province – Today in Tytannia Province, the first ever formal meeting of the National Government (referred to as a “Cabinet Meeting” by some) was held. His Imperial Majesty The Emperor, in his capacity as the Prime Minister’s Director of Communications, chaired the meeting. Present were:

-HIH Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher, as Prime Minister and Minister of Information
-HIM Emperor Adam I, as Minister of Defence, Minister of Citizenship, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director of Communications
-HG Sir Reginald Hall, as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance
-HIH Crown Prince Daniel, as Minister of Science and Technology
-HG Winifred Hall, as Minister of the Environment

Here are the points that the Government discussed during the meeting:
-The Government shall run an outreach program to expand the Empire’s influence. The creation of leaflets and advertising was considered. The Emperor raised the point of having public applications for honourary citizenship, which the others seemed skeptical about at first, questioning who would actually fill out the forms. The Emperor pointed out that the Internet can be used to their advantage, as it has in many other micronations.
-The Adammic website shall be completely rebuilt. The Emperor argued the current disadvantages of the Webs service and proposed an investment into a .org domain, using the web servers of High Lord Overseer Damian Parker for hosting. The new website will be built from scratch, and will be used as part of the new outreach program by hosting honourary citizenship application forms and more. The first ever expenditure of public funds, £7 from the Imperial Treasury to the Ministry of Information for the purchasing of the new domain, was carried out. This has automatically put the Treasury into a deficit for this month, with monthly income at only £4.50.
-The Empire shall not be renamed. The Emperor raised the point that “Empire of Adammia” sounds egotistical following a couple of comments in the Yellow Bear Micronational Lounge a couple of months ago. After considering the scale of the incident and the advice given by HIM Emperor Jonathan I of Austenasia and Sultan Volfym of Volfa shortly afterwards, the government decided to stay with Adammia.
-The Adammic Imperial Province shall be renamed. The Emperor pointed out that his current micronational address – Office of the Emperor, 1 Adammia Street, Adamsville, Adammic Imperial Province, Empire of Adammia – was far too over-the-top on the naming. Any suggestions for a new name would be welcome. It should be one word, and reflect something about the Province, such as the fact that it was where the Empire began, or that the Monarchy resides there. Google Translate was suggested for finding Latin words, but Crown Prince Daniel argued against the service’s reliability. The Government shall put forward suggestions to the Ruling Council next week.
-Discussing the review of the National Anthems was postponed until the Minister of Culture, Mr Andrew Hall, is available.

In other news, extreme weather hit the Empire on Thursday and Friday this week, as a winter storm lashed Great Britain. Very high wind speeds were recorded, causing sections of fence to collapse on the border between the Adammic Imperial Province and the UK. The fence has since been restored. The Adammic Weather Office issued a slightly belated weather warning late on Thursday night.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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