News Report – 15th December 2013 – New Website Launched

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Adammic Imperial Province – The first ever public spending took place on Thursday the 12th, as £5 from His Majesty’s Imperial Treasury were spent on an internet domain for the new Empire of Adammia website.

The actual price of the domain was over £8 including British VAT, but the Emperor Father Kevin, who actually did the purchase via PayPal, only took £5, so the remaining money will be returned to the Treasury at the nearest opportunity, returning its balance to £6.50 – meaning it has avoided turning a deficit from November to December.

The domain that has been purchased is Originally, the Government had hoped for a .org domain, but the price of these was much higher than expected. HIM The Emperor is the legal owner of the domain for the next two years. Already, he has begun building the website on behalf of the Ministry of Information, which under law runs the Adammic website. The development prototype website is currently in version 0.3. Web hosting is being provided by High Lord Overseer Damian Parker of Creatuxia with one of his servers. The website will contain extensive information about the Empire, and in the future possibly interactive elements such as the citizenship application form, which was released recently by the Ministry of Citizenship and can be seen here:

Under law, the website at is still the official website, but it is expected that the final phase of the legislation reform process being led by the Office of the Emperor will change this. With the First Amendment to the Supreme Directive being approved by the public and Imperial Decree XVI being issued, the only area needing revising is Acts of Council. Emperor Adam will likely present to the Ruling Council next weekend an Act 9 on amendments to existing laws, containing some following changes:
-Adjusting the Internal Procedures Act so that it makes more sense with the present style of Council meetings
-Changing the name of the Adammic Imperial Province, depending on what suggestions are put forward by the Government and the public
-Changing the official website from to
-Transfering the Adammic Weather Office from the Ministry of Information to the Ministry of the Environment

In other news, at tonight’s meeting of the Quorum of Delegates of the Grand Unified Micronational, of which the Empire of Adammia is a member state, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I was appointed Vice-Chair of the Quorum and the Secretary of the Advancement Council. The move came after the Emperor was the only person who earlier this week had noticed that not only had the previous Quorum been missed, but also the elections were overdue to start, leading the only candidate for Chair, Ciprian I of Juclandia, to nominate the Emperor as his Vice. Adammia was elected a member of the AC during these elections. The GUM has started a massive reform process which involves the creation of a new ‘GUM Charter’ to replace the old constitution following concerns about the inactivity that has gripped the organisation and the sphere as a whole. The Emperor is said to be expecting to be a major player in these reforms, having a particular interest in a proposed new executive organ to replace the “useless” Advancement Council.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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