News Report – 5th January 2014 – 2013 Statistics Released, More Land Annexed

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – It is now 2014 and the new year means a chance to look back on the year gone by. As a result, on New Years Day the Ministry of Information published numerous statistics for 2013, regarding such things as population, territory, and public finances.

With 2013 being the first year of the Empire’s existance, many statistics started at 0. We can see that the territorial population has risen to 11, with the total population rising to 23 and the total number of citizens including honourary citizens ending the year at 38. Births, deaths and immigration were all at 0, with 1 instance of emigration. Most new citizens arrived in April with the Empire’s foundation, followed by further spikes with the formation of the Order of Adammia in June and the opening of public citizen applications in December.

In terms of territory, the surface area of the Empire was at 768 square metres from April to August, when it rose to 1228 square metres, where it stayed until the end of year when it rose again to 1445 square metres. The year ends with 4 Provinces, 2 Regions, 1 Colony, 2 Counties, 1 City and 10 Ruling Council seats.

The Treasury balance at the end of the year was £9.50. Government spending was at £5.20, with £5 going towards the Ministry of Information for the Empire’s web domain and the remaining £0.20 being spent by the Office of the Emperor before the Government Ministries Act 2013 on “education”, i.e. new pens. Government income was at £13.43 – £12.50 of this coming from the Contributions Scheme, with the rest being miscellaneous unpaid debts and found coins prior to the relocation of the Treasury in September. This means that the annual budget surplus was £8.23. (Note: When these results were first published on the 1st, they mistakenly reported Treasury balance, income and surplus all as £1 lower than they should have been due to a miscalculation. The results have since been rectified.)

The Adammic Express has also found unofficial figures regarding the tiny Adammic economy. The only business in the Empire, YouTube gaming channel ABanimationLtd, saw its earnings drop from $3.45 in November to only $1.99 in December, suggesting that the entire economy is as a result in a recession of 57% of the ‘GDP’. However, due to Maker Studios’ payment threshold of $50.00, the actual effect on the state is negligible, as the first actual payment is expected to take place some time in 2015 anyway. ABanimationLtd is charged an income tax of 15%.

Following the publication of these statistics, the Imperial Institute of History released its first ever paper – its Dossier on 2013. Documenting our nation’s history in fine detail in the past year, the Dossier is over 20 pages long.

The statistics can be found here:
The Dossier on 2013 can be found here:

In other news, yesterday, Saturday the 4th, saw a massive increase in the surface area of the Empire as another new property was annexed. The residence of Christopher Hall, an uncle of the Emperor, has become the Province of Myway, breaking the tradition of naming provinces with a suffix -ia. This means that the Empire now holds territories in 3 British counties: West Yorkshire, Cheshire and North Yorkshire. The new province is significantly larger than any other piece of land claimed to date, with estimates at 1182 square metres. The main reason for the massive size is down to the fact that the deeds for the property entitle Mr. Hall to halfway across a notable river that runs by the back of it. It also boasts a particularly large garden, and a population of chickens as well as humans.

The total surface area of the Empire is now estimated at 2627 square metres, meaning that the annexation has almost doubled our size. This is equivalent to 0.64 acres. 289 square metres of the territory is water, enough to fit the entire province of Primoria.

The Ruling Council has made Mr. Hall the landed noble for the Province, making him His Grace Christopher Hall, Duke of Myway. Another resident, Debbie Shaw, is expected to be running for the position of Councilor when Local Elections are held there in two weeks time. Council also rejected a suggestion by the Emperor for stricter border control, one of the first times they have been clearly opposed to one of his ideas.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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