News Report – 12th January 2014 – Empire claims acres of land

Adam I, Editor

With the military receieving a massive boost this week as two new recruits formed a Special Operations unit and an airbase was formed at a local school, the stage was set for a rapid expansion of the Empire. Last night, the Ministry of Defence launched an ambitious campaign as Grand Marshal Emperor Adam I mobilised the armed forces.

Today, the first planned invasion took place as the Emperor led the Watertopia Battalion, led by Major M. Foster, out of Tytannia Province (which they were visiting), across the British road to a nearby grass area in between the houses opposite Tytannia and a local pub. This land was around 600 square metres in size. An Imperial Decree signed at the site made this new land a special part of Tytannia, a part of the Province but classified as a Territorial Claim. It is known as the County of Tytannia Ulterior and the Decree made Andrew Hall, the Minister of Culture, its Count.

However, the main acquisition of the day was over half of a local park a few streets away from Tytannia. This claim dwarfs anything else in the entire Empire, coming in at over 57,000 square metres – equivalent to the entire Republic of Molossia. It is mostly a field that may be used by British citizens for playing football, and another large grass area. The area was deserted when the Battalion arrived. For now, this claim is known as the Jagstonian Plains.

The Empire’s surface area is now 60,680 square metres, or 15 acres. This makes it larger than micronations such as the Kingdom of Wyvern and the Dominion of Burnham. However, the Ministry of Defence does not plan to stop here – it has areas near Primoria and Maternia in its sights, which could bring the Empire to over 100,000 square metres.

In other news, the new Province of Watertopia held its first Local Election today. As expected, Duchess Julie Foster was elected its Councilor, as she was its only eligible candidate.

There have also been scattered reports of dissent towards the Empire in Primoria Province lately. The first fabric flag was flown from the Office of the Emperor on Monday, but the next day the Emperor Father ordered it to be taken down. This may have been encouraging comments from Crown Prince Daniel earlier today, in which he branded the Empire a “pretend country” and “worrying”. The Crown Prince later put this down to a bad mood. It is understood that the Crown Prince disapproved of the Empire’s invasions today.

The Adammic Express would like to apologise for failing to report last week that Maternia has become the second province to allocate place-names to areas within it, naming the backyard William Way, meaning that the house where the Prime Minister resides is now known as 1 William Way. The ‘street’ is named after the dog Billy, the mascot of the Adammic Army.

The video released by AOT of the occupation can be seen here:

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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