News Report – 26th January 2014 – Occupation Leads to Clashes

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Following the success of the occupation of the Jagstonian Plains two weeks ago, the Ministry of Defence began planning more such operations, this time targeting a park very close to the school attended by HIM The Emperor and many members of the Military, located in the same British village as Primoria Province. On Tuesday the 21st at lunchtime, Emperor Adam claimed this park with the support of two members of the army, creating the new Claimed Territory of Astley Meadow. This claim expanded the Empire to 81,005 square metres, which is 20 acres. On weekday lunchtimes, the claimed park is visited by many members of the Emperor’s school year group; about a third of these are honourary Adammic citizens.

However, one of the park-goers – we will only identify him as a Luke H. – became instantly distrustful of the Empire as soon as it began recruiting citizens in the days leading up to the occupation, calling the Emperor “evil”. Having decided to become an enemy of the Empire, on Thursday the 23rd he attacked the Emperor during his inspection of the park, charging at and grabbing him.

The Emperor immediately called the nearby head of the Adammic Army’s Special Operations unit, Sergeant J. Rhodes, to his defence. Sergeant Rhodes succeeded in mustering a force of 2 British students, who promptly fought back, removing Luke H. from the Monarch’s person. However, the insurgent persisted, and Adammic Army forces – comprised of Private M. Mellor – joined the fray. The fighting ended after Luke was accidentally hit in a somewhat sensitive region.

Already the incident is being referred to as the Skirmish of Astley Meadow. This is the first time that the Adammic armed forces have seen combat since the Skirmish of Tytannia last year. The next day, Luke changed tactics, repeating annoying phrases at the Emperor, but no combat ensued, as His Imperial Majesty simply ordered the newly promoted Lieutenant Rhodes to arrest him, and he was dragged away. Meanwhile, the pro-Adammic forces in the Skirmish have been rewarded, recieving full Adammic citizenship. The British students who helped have joined the Army, leading to yet another restructuring to accomodate the new recruits. Sir Guy Crossland, a trusted friend of the Emperor, is now Major General of the 1st Infantry Division.

In other news, the Treaty between Adammia and Florenia we mentioned last week has been signed, establishing full diplomatic relations. Also, we have heard back from Myway Province that Debbie Shaw has been elected Councilor, meaning all the seats of the Ruling Council are now filled.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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