News Report – 9th February 2014 – Emperor Takes Control of Executive, Establishes Capital, Space Agency, Police Force and more

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – In the largest session of the Ruling Council to date, with all 10 individuals present, the Empire’s legislature ratified the new Charter of the Grand Unified Micronational. This Charter, which was approved by the Quorum of Delegates last week, was signed by the Emperor yesterday.

However, this was somewhat insignificant compared to the Acts of Council that were passed after this. The first and biggest of these was the National Government Act 2014, which authorised the Office of the Emperor to send instructions to the National Government. This has effectively given the Emperor total control over the executive for a period of 1 year, under the supervision of the Ruling Council. The same Act also officially created the Cabinet (which was only informal before now), and gave the Prime Minister the power to choose the location of the Headquarters of the National Government, amongst other things. Finally, it established the Empire’s long-awaited capital city – Imperial City in Tytannia Province, where the address formerly known as 1 East Road is now known as the White Gold Palace, the home to the official Chambers of the Ruling Council. The full Act can be seen here:

Immediately afterwards, the Space Program Act 2014 established AISA – the Adammic Imperial Space Agency. The Minister of Science and Technology, HIH Crown Prince Daniel, and the Director-Administrator of AISA, the Emperor, have decided that the first mission of the space program will be the launch of a small model rocket. This first launch will be privately funded by the Emperor.

The final Act of the day was the Infrastructure Act 2014, creating a new government department, the Ministry of Infrastructure, responsible for transport and communications. The Emperor was appointed Minister of Infrastructure by the Prime Minister temporarily. He has since created an official road-map of the Empire with a system of codes based on that of the UK – M roads (motorways), A roads and B roads. This is a rarity amongst micronations, with only Sirocco known to operate a similar system. Of course, due to the size of the Empire there are no actual roads – driveways have become the motorways and paths are the A and B roads. The map can be found here:

The Council then adjourned, but the activity was not yet over for the day. Informal discussions regarding the Foundation Day celebrations began, an event fast approaching in April. His Grace Christopher Hall, Duke of Myway, berated the administration (though jocularly) for its lack of planning for the event. Soon after, a few ideas were raised – it is now most likely that the state banquet will take place in Imperial City in Tytannia, and it will be a barbeque. The barbeque itself will be shipped in from Myway province, along with a marquee which will be used in case of bad weather. Full citizens will be able to attend for free, whilst honourary citizens will have to pay a small fee to attend, which will contribute towards the price of the food. The event will be mostly state-funded, and under the current income projections, the Treasury should contain a mere £28 by April, leading to suggestions for a temporary hike in the contributions rate from 50p to £1, or a separate system of private donations. However, the barbeque will not be the only part of the Foundation Day celebrations – a state visit from Lord Richard I of Clyro, the successor state to Adammia’s old ally Burnham, is also on the cards. This may be accompanied by a 21-gun salute produced with sound effects played over computer speakers. Furthermore, the first rocket launch of AISA is planned for this day, probably on the nearby Jagstonian Plains just a five minute walk from Tytannia. Of course, none of this is official yet – it is expected that an Act of Council will be passed in March that will create Foundation Day under the legal system. The Ministry of Culture will then probably create a preparation committee, which may consist of the Emperor, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Culture, the Minister of Finance and the Duke of Myway.

Towards the end of the Imperial Family’s visit to Tytannia, drama broke out as a result of Imperial Decree XX. The main purpose of that Decree was to create an official process of ratifying documents, which was necessary for the Empire’s ratification of the GUM Charter. However, it contained a small ‘easter egg’ – a clause which, as a joke, proclaimed the notorious popular mobile game Flappy Bird illegal in the Empire of Adammia. Upon learning this, many members of the Council began trying the game after the meeting after the Duke of Myway – well known for being a rebellious and ambitious figure – opened the app on his phone. This led to much confusion and laughter, as those present realised the reverse-psychology effect that was taking place. The Emperor, meanwhile, realised two things – not only had Imperial Decree XX not included a punishment for playing Flappy Bird, meaning the perpetrators could get away scott-free, but there was also no entity in the Empire with the legal right to arrest. At this point, the Emperor’s cousin and daughter of the Duke of Myway, Eleanor Hall, suggested that she become a police officer. In response, the Emperor quickly issued Decree XXI, creating the Adammic Police Force. The Emperor and Miss Hall are currently the only police officers, with him being Chief Constable and her being the Constable for Myway. As for Flappy Bird, it is not expected to give the Empire’s new law enforcement agency much trouble, as its creator removed it from the app stores earlier tonight due to the stress caused by the game’s popularity.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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