News Report – 16th February 2014 – Storms Hit The Empire, Transport Network Developed

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Weather fronts moving in from the Atlantic Ocean caused a huge storm to hit Great Britain on Wednesday. Whilst the South was mostly affected by rain, with much of the Southwest completely flooded and micronations as far east as the Carshalton Sector in South London experiencing flood-related issues, the main problem in the North and in Wales was wind – with storm-force winds reaching over 100mph in places.

The Imperial Family, which was staying in Maternia province on Wednesday evening, became aware of the conditions after a weather report on the radio, learning that the UK Met Office had posted a red-level warning. Soon after, gusts of wind were heard howling around the Prime Minister’s residence on William Way. The Adammic Weather Office immediately posted a weather warning to Twitter, but the storm was already making its presence known on Adammia’s citizens. Sir Guy Crossland KOA, Slayer of the Mighty Nokia, reported almost being crushed by a falling tree. Creatuxia Colony many miles away in Cheshire was the worst hit, with HLO Sir Damian Parker’s electricity being taken out for several hours, and nearby fence panels and posts being flung around near to the territory. Numerous trees were also reported to have been brought down near Creatuxia. During a brief intermission when the power was on, Sir Damian reported that Creatuxia was in a state of “high alert” – in other words, a state of emergency. This is the first time that such a state of affairs has ever been declared in the Empire. Further investigations in the days after the storm revealed that fence had been blown in on the borders between Astley Meadow and the UK, and also that the river behind Myway province was massively swollen, though had mercifully not flooded Adammia’s youngest province.

Aside from the storm (and a subsequent, less severe storm on Friday), however, it was business as usual in the Adammic government this week. The Ministry of Science and Technology has come up with the first project for AISA (the Adammic Imperial Space Agency, created last week) – the Andromeda Program, which aims to give the Agency experience in flying model rockets and in rocketry in general. Meanwhile, the newly-created Ministry of Infrastructure has finished developing its new transport network for the Empire, which we saw last week with its official road map. There is now information on the length of the routes and official junctions on the motorways, all of which can be seen here:

Yesterday, the local government of Tytannia passed an edict for creating place-names, which was promptly approved by the Ministry of Information. The boundaries of the capital, Imperial City, were defined, and streets were named, amongst other things. The IIG produced a map based on the edict, which can be seen here:

Today, HIM Emperor Adam I, in his capacity as Vice-Chair, led his first ever session of the Quorum of the Grand Unified Micronational due to the absence of Chairman Ciprian of Juclandia. The meeting was said to be successful, though slow and quite challenging for the Emperor.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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