News Report – 24th February 2014 – Emperor’s Birthday Celebrated

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – On Wednesday the 19th, in the middle of what has otherwise been a quiet week, the Empire celebrated the 16th birthday of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I. At midday, a 21-gun salute could be heard in Primoria Province as the sound effects were played over the computer speakers in the Office of the Emperor. Shortly afterwards, the Office published the first ever Birthday Honours List, inducting numerous citizens into the Order of Adammia as Knights, Dames, and for the first time Knight or Dame Commanders. The full list can be seen here: . Later that day, the Imperial branch of the House of Hall (i.e. the Emperor Mother, the Emperor, and the two Princes) visited a carvery a short distance from Primoria in the UK for a meal. Afterwards, members of the Emperor’s private Minecraft server Craftanium (which is mostly made up of Adammic citizens) celebrated with a party in-game, which was attended by two guests, the first time this has ever been allowed in the server’s long history, which goes back far beyond the Empire of Adammia.

The 74th birthday of Sir Reginald Hall, the Archduke of East Adammia and the Empire’s oldest citizen, was celebrated on Saturday the 22nd. It was honoured with a 19-gun salute from the computer in Tytannia’s White Gold Palace.

While it has been quiet lately, March begins at the end of this week, which means preparations for April’s Foundation Day celebrations will be in full swing. Legislation is expected to be drafted soon regarding the event.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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