News Report – 9th March 2014 – Sports, Agencies and Postal Service

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Yesterday, on Saturday the 8th, the Ruling Council held its March meeting. Here three new Acts were passed, and two Imperial Decrees were approved.

The first Decree was the Police Force legislation that was created last month. Decree XXII, however, was issued by the Office of the Emperor earlier this week. It replaces the original Coat of Arms, which dates back to April 2013, with a new, much improved design by Emmanuel Tsompanoglou of the Ashukov Federation. The new Coat of Arms can be seen here: . Decree XXII named Madam Sydney Saindon, a Dame close to the Emperor with whom there are rumours of a long-distance romantic relationship (which is refuted by the Monarchy), the official Princess Consort of the Emperor. She now bears the style of Her Illustrious Highness. The Decree also organised the Imperial Family and the styles that an individual may use.

The Acts of Council were of course where the main focus of the meeting lies and the first of this, the Foundation Day Act 2013, finally established the 13th of April as our Foundation Day under law. Already, talks have begun about the Foundation Day celebrations amongst an informal committee on behalf of the Ministry of Culture. The main question at the moment is whether the event will take place in Tytannia or Myway – the Emperor advocates for the celebrations to take place in Tytannia as it is easily accessible, whereas Sir Reginald Hall believes that Myway would be better. The committee will likely be contacting the Local Government of Myway to discuss the plans and hear their opinion.

Act 14 was the Sports Act 2014, which established a system of sports associations. An individual must now belong to a relevant sport association if they wish to represent the Empire abroad. The Act mandates for an Adammic Motor Racing Association to exist at all times, reflecting the fact that it is the Empire’s national sport. Emperor Adam has been named the President of this new association, which has begun planning races using the virtual environment of the game F1 2012.

The biggest Act of the day was the Government Bodies and Postal Service Act 2014. It splits the organisations that are part of the government into two categories – government agencies and government-owned companies. Agencies are directly controlled by a government ministry, whereas companies have more freedom and exist for commercial purposes, with their profits going directly to the Treasury. Only this Adammic Express and Adammic Online Television (now known as Adammic Online Broadcasting) have become government-owned companies – the rest, including the Treasury, Police Force, Institutes of History and Geography, and the National Gallery are all agencies. There are also three new agencies: The Imperial Land Registry, the Transport Network Agency and the National Communications Agency. The first two of these have not done much yet, but the NCA has already begun licensing YouTube channels to operate in the Empire of Adammia. Channel 1 has been assigned to Adammic Online Television (channel of AOB), Channel 2 to the “ABanimationLtd” of AB Animation Ltd., and Channel 3 to “CreativeTux”, operated by Creative Tux Media. The NCA also created a postcode system, which will be used by a new government-owned company called Imperial Mail, the Empire’s postal service. More information on this will be coming soon.

Meanwhile, the agricultural season in Adammia is beginning again as the peach plants of Tytannia are sprayed with chemicals which prevent the disease that crippled last year’s crop. Sir Reginald Hall travelled to Myway yesterday to perform this procedure on the peach plants there, and the Emperor, along with Prince Jake, accompanied him, marking the first time that the Monarch has visited Myway in at around 3 years – and the first time not only since the province was annexed, but since the entire Empire was founded. Watertopia and Creatuxia remain the only territories of the Empire that have never been visited by the Emperor whilst being in the Empire, though recent research suggests that Watertopia is within walking distance of Primoria and as such a visit may be on the cards in the near future.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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