News Report – 30th March 2014 – National Anthem Replaced as AISA Begins Rocket Construction

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Ever since the referendum that aimed to replace Sim Broadway with a variation on Rule Britannia known as “Rule Adammia” as the Adammic National Anthem failed in early February, the search has been on for another alternative. This week, a new suggestion was put forward by His Imperial Majesty the Emperor – the main theme from the film Chariots of Fire, made famous by the London 2012 Olypmic Games. Following positive feedback from the Imperial Skype Lounge, Emperor Adam, in his capacity as Lord Chancellor, had the Office of State organise another referendum, which was held yesterday. The options were: continuing to use Sim Broadway as the National Anthem; replacing it with Chariots of Fire; or continuing the search for another alternative. The results, announced this morning, were: 76.9% in favour of Chariots of Fire, 15.4% for searching for another alternative, and 7.7% wishing to keep Sim Broadway. 13 votes were cast in total, giving a voter turnout of 56.5%.

With Chariots of Fire as the clear winner, the Office of the Emperor issued Decree XXIII today, confirming that Chariots of Fire would become the new National Anthem of the Empire. You can listen to the new anthem here: . The same decree also made it so that a referendum or election can now be extended to up to a week, which will hopefully resolve a recurring problem with voting in the Empire in that sometimes not all citizens are given the opportunity to vote. The Emperor explained further: “I will be the first to admit that on numerous occasions in the past there have been cases where not all citizens have been able to vote. The areas usually affected are Watertopia and Myway, and we believe it happens due to the difficulties in communication with these provinces. The Office of State may send information to these areas and by the time a reply has been recieved, the vote has long since ended. Now, some nations might ignore these problems or try to downplay their significance – we believe that would be corruption. We aren’t scared to admit that yes, there are flaws in our current system, because it is important that we recognise these facts so that we can work towards resolving them. This new rule will ideally give the provinces more time to send in their votes. We’ve also considered forcing a 1 week waiting time before the voting begins with referendums, as there is always at least two weeks with elections, and the provinces need time to prepare and get the polling stations set up. This time round, after all, the provinces had only two days’ notice. We are looking into using a combination of email and text messaging to make sure all the relevant information can be sent easily.”

The decree finally removed the Adammic Weather Office from its state of political limbo in which it has been since Act 15 neglected to formalise its status earlier this month. It is now an official agency of the Ministry of the Environment. Furthermore, there is now a document being called the “Codex of Adammic Law”, which will apparently contain all current micronational law applying to the Empire – the Supreme Directive and all Imperial Decrees and Acts of Council. It will be maintained by the Office of State and is intended to be a central access point for the Adammic legal system. The Codex is currently unwritten.

In other news, the Adammic Imperial Space Agency’s model rocket was delivered to Primoria province on Friday. Work began today towards setting up the launchpad, with construction of the rocket itself planned for this week, once the required tools are obtained by the Agency. AISA is currently on track for a Foundation Day launch in two weeks’ time. Other preparations for the event have also continued as the Ministry of Defence sent out letters to certain members of the armed forces on Moday, inviting them to the event. Unfortunately, the planned state visit by Richard Cunningham, Lord of Clyro, on that weekend had to be cancelled. Attendance at the Foundation Day party is currently expected to be around 15-20 people. There will likely be extensive coverage of the proceedings, both by Adammic Online Broadcasting’s AOT News and by AB Animation Ltd.’s The Micronations Show.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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