News Report – 7th April 2014 – Immigration and Protected Artefacts

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – History was made on the 1st of April last week as an individual immigrated into the Empire for the first time. Sir Paul McKenna, who has been the partner of the Prime Minister, Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher, for several years, took up permanent residence in Maternia Province after leaving his rented home in the United Kingdom, doubling the population of the province from 1 to 2, and raising the Empire’s overall territorial population from 15 to 16. In the past, new territorial residents have become so after the property they were already residing in was annexed, rather than moving in after it became Adammic territory. Last year, we saw emigration out of the Empire when Madam Stacey Barratt left Creatuxia Colony for the UK. The Ministry of Citizenship would like to remind readers that immigration into the Empire can only take place if residence has been arranged with the relevant macronational landowner. The Empire itself does not offer any kind of permanent shelter to individuals, nor do we have any land for sale.

In other news, the Office of the Emperor issued Decree XXIV on Friday the 4th, which allows the Imperial Institute of History to give objects of historical national value special protection. Destroying or causing a protected item to be lost would result in substantial fines. Since the Decree was enacted, no items have been given protection yet but it is expected that this will soon be applied to items such as the original Adammic paper flag and border sign, the Air Force’s first paper aircraft, and the first printed copy of the Supreme Directive. The Decree also gave automatic protection to possessions of the Emperor and the Imperial Family.

More details have come in regarding Foundation Day, as the Prime Minister has made the decision that a buffet will be held instead of a barbecue – this is in part due to cost concerns in terms of buying meat for up to 20 people, but also because of uncertainity with the weather – the Adammic Weather Office sources its reports from the UK Met Office, which has not yet published any details for Saturday the 12th, now only 5 days away. Temperatures for this time of year would probably not lead to a pleasant barbecue, in any case. Throughout this week, event organisers based in Tytannia, Maternia and possibly Watertopia and Myway will begin buying and preparing food, to be later reimbursed by the Treasury’s limited budget of around £28. Meanwhile, the construction of AISA’s first model rocket, which will hopefully fly the Andromeda 1 mission on Foundation Day if the weather is good, has continued, with assembly of the engine mount beginning in Tytannia. The shipment of the pyrotechnic components – the engine and its igniters – is scheduled to arrive in Primoria on Wednesday.

The Adammic Express would like to apologise for this late article. We are currently very busy with macronational schoolwork and this problem may only get worse as we enter the GCSE exam season in May. Normal service should resume by mid June. Alternative writers may be hired for this duration if time starts to become a big issue.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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