News Report – 13th April 2014 – Foundation Day Celebrated, Andromeda 1 Launch Fails

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Over the past two days, the Empire of Adammia has been celebrating its first birthday. The bulk of the celebrations took place yesterday, as the largest assembly of Adammic citizens on record convened in Imperial City, Tytannia. Present was the Imperial Family (with the exception of the Emperor Father); the entire populations of Tytannia, Maternia, Watertopia and Myway; and two specially invited members of the Military – Commodore Sir Tom Bennett and Colonel Alex Hollis.

Saturday’s events began at 3:30 PM as His Imperial Majesty the Emperor delivered a speech in the Chambers of the Ruling Council to the assembled citizens. This was followed by an open session of the Council, which served as a plenary session to the first year of the Empire as the Monarch reflected on the progress that had been made. By 4 PM, the highlight of the day – the buffet – began, with food that had been brought in by the residents of the various provinces. The cost of the food was planned to be reimbursed at a later date by the Treasury, so that the event could be completely or at least partially publicly funded. However, there has been talk already of the event organisers refusing their reimbursements, meaning that they would have privately funded the entire event. This raises the question of what will be done with the £30+ stored in the Treasury, which has been saved up for months in anticipation of Foundation Day. The buffet itself was very successful, with all present enjoying themselves. The only downside was that none of the music planned for the event could be played, because the Internet connection in Tytannia was not functional.

By 5 PM, attention had turned to the final planned event of the day, the launch of AISA’s first model rocket, the Andromeda 1 mission. Since 4 PM, it had been raining, which raised a serious issue, as the instructions which came with the classic Estes Alpha III model explicitly said to not launch in rainy conditions. At 5 PM, the rain had stopped, so the citizens traveled in four cars the short distance to the Jagstonian Plains. AISA had an incredibly detailed launch schedule, complete with the roles of various controllers and officers, but their plans rapidly fell apart upon arrival as Mission Control struggled to keep up with their notes and the launch countdown timer whilst simultaneously setting up the rocket. Worse was yet to come, as just as the launch pad was being set down, the rain suddenly began again, contrary to all weather reports that the Agency had been monitoring (it should be noted that this rain persisted and got worse towards 6 PM, which the reports had suggested would be completely sunny). Of course, by this point, there were around 17 citizens out in the field, so the Agency decided to press ahead with the mission regardless. The inexperienced personnel spent several minutes fumbling with the launch system in the windy conditions, and the countdown had long since expired by the time it was fully set up. Abandoning all the launch scripts, the Emperor gave the final go for launch, issued another countdown and attempted to launch the rocket – and nothing happened. Modifications were made to the launch setup after it was suggested that the engine hook was causing a short-circuit with the igniter wires, but the second attempt also had no effect, as did a third attempt. The mission was promptly aborted, and the citizens returned to Tytannia.

The issue that caused Andromeda 1 to fail became the subject of intense discussion afterwards, with most involved agreeing that it came down to their decision to attempt the launch in rainy weather. It was quite plausible, after all, that water was intefering with any part of the launch setup, such as the controller, the clips, the igniter wires, or even the engine itself. HG Christopher Hall of Myway, who had stepped in to assist, commented that “the elements were working against us.” Other possible reasons include the igniters not being properly inserted into the engine, or the controller being inherently defective. The Emperor, as the Administrator of AISA, confirmed that the malfunction would be looked into. An Andromeda 2 mission was suggested this morning, which will most likely take place in Astley Meadow when there is no chance of rain and will be a more private mission to get more experience with model rocketry, before any future attempts are made with a public audience. Many elements of the launch schedule will probably be removed, or at least be less strictly timed. Ironically, the farcical state of affairs that was the Andromeda 1 launch attempt mirrored the very beginning of the Empire being celebrated – it was, after all, a year ago today that Adammia got off to a very shaky start with the failed attempts to invade what is now Tytannia and print a flag. Indeed, in a way the mission was traditionally Adammic – a complete disaster, but humourous nevertheless.

Today, the actual birthday of the Empire, was a more quiet affair, apart from at 7:30 PM when celebratory artillery gunfire was heard in Primoria, marking the time that the original paper flag was first hoisted over what is now the Office of the Emperor.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire! Happy Foundation Day!


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