News Report – 23rd April 2014 – Codex of Adammic Law Compiled

Adam I, Editor

NOTICE FROM THE EDITOR: We would firstly like to apologise for the lateness of this article. From now until the 13th of June, we will be very busy with exams taking place in the United Kingdom. As a result, weekly articles in this period are cancelled. We will try to find the time to write an article if something noteworthy happens.

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Over the past couple of days, Emperor Adam, the Lord Chancellor of State, has compiled the Codex of Adammic Law, a document created by Imperial Decree XXIII as an interpretation of all the legislation created by the State. It has now been completed, and can be viewed here:

In Imperial City this weekend, the Emperor and the Minister of Finance discussed the options regarding the Treasury following Foundation Day. It has been decided that the event organisers will not be re-imbursed, meaning that the event was completely privately sponsored. This presented a problem as extra optional Contributions had been collected during March and April with the intent of paying for Foundation Day. Ultimately, it was decided that those who paid extra would not have to pay Contributions for May and in some cases for June too. The Treasury now contains £33 and the question now turns to what some of this will be spent on.

Today, a post on the forums led to the Imperial Institute of Geography finding a new online tool for calculating surface area using Google Maps. Using this, they have found that the surface area of the Empire is 81,524 square metres, slightly larger than the previous estimate of 81,005 square metres. They have also found that Tytannia is in fact the largest Province at 1302 square metres, instead of Myway, which is merely 1211 square metres.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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