News Report – 23rd May 2014 – Armed Forces Demobilised

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – in the past few hours, the majority of the Adammic military have completed their secondary education at the British school near to Primoria province, including HIM the Emperor. This school, and the nearby Adammic claim of Astley Meadow was the unofficial base of the armed forces, where they have been mobilised since January to enforce the local Adammic claims and handle the subsequent confrontation with Luke H.’s insurgency following the Skirmish of Astley Meadow. Now that Luke H. has also left the school and thus is no longer a threat to Astley Meadow, the Minister of Defence and Grand Marshal Emperor Adam I has ordered the military to be demobilised, meaning that it is no longer in a state of readiness. Furthermore, recognising that most of the army will never visit these locations again, troops stationed at Maths Stairs Airbase and Astley Meadow itself have been officially dismissed, and Maths Stairs Airbase has been decommissioned.

In other news, two weeks ago on the 3rd of May the Ruling Council passed Act 16, the Economy Act. This legislation has created the first private companies register, as well as commissioning a National Economic Survey to assess the resources of the Empire and hopefully estimate its GDP. The results of this survey will most likely be available by the end of June. Efforts have also been getting underway to resume the old ID card project with some ID photos finally being taken.

At some point this week, AISA is expected to have another attempt at launching its model rocket with its Andromeda 2 mission. Also, there will likely be a rare Cabinet meeting this weekend. The 2014 elections are also creeping closer, with the Office of the Emperor expected to call local elections in just over 5 weeks, with the actual date being some time in July.

That is all for now. Exam season in the UK ends in three weeks time. Regular articles will resume then. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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