News Report – 15th June 2014 – End of Exams Heralds New Government Activity

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The Adammic Express is back! After two months of inactivity due to the British exam season, weekly articles are to resume, starting with this issue. With this, the various organs of the state are slowly returning to life.

The Ruling Council met at the beginning of June and discussed public spending options, with a major idea involving the creation of some kind of permanent monument, perhaps containing the names of the original first 60 citizens of the Empire in Latin. Rumours are afoot of plans for new territorial expansion; AISA has been taking inventory of its resources and relocating them to Tytannia ahead of the imminent Andromeda 2 mission; The Ministry of Information has started work on a new design and layout for the website with new interactive elements. Meanwhile, there is talk of the Adammic Motor Racing Association holding its first races in F1 2012/2013 in the near future.

Furthermore, with the Wurtige Emperor Arthur I visiting the UK on the 6th of July with plans to meet Lord Richard Cunningham of Clyro and possibly the Austenasian Emperor Jonathan I in London, HIM Emperor Adam I has been considering attempting to attend the small meeting himself, though the travel expenses would be considerable. This could conflict with other suggestions of buying a RC battleship or aircraft for the military.

Of course, since exams only finished two days ago, there is little to talk about yet. However, with everything planned there is sure to be plenty more exciting news from around the Empire in the next few weeks!

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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