News Report – 6th July 2014 – Adammic GDP for Second Quarter Calculated at £5.60

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – it’s a wonderful summer evening here in the Empire, as the Ministry of Finance, for the first time ever, publishes official data about Adammia’s tiny economy.

After collecting quarterly reports from each of the nation’s six companes (3 privately owned, and 3 government owned), it was apparent that only two companies were generating income – the Capital Wine Company and A.B. Animation Ltd. However, A.B. Animation Ltd. operates on YouTube through Maker Studios, which has a payment threshold of $25. After nearly a year of monetising its videos, the company has almost reached the point where enough money has accumulated for a payment. This will most likely happen by the end of August – until then, the actual income of the company is still technically £0. Meanwhile, the Capital Wine Company has made £5.60, starting from an initial £0.20 investment by its owner, Sir Reginald Hall.

The Adammic GDP has been calculated for the first time
The Adammic GDP has been calculated for the first time

Since the Capital Wine Company is the only company to provide any actual income, the GDP of the Empire can be calculated just by using this figure. Therefore, the GDP in the second quarter was £5.60, or £0.20 per capita. Using this to project an annual figure, the GDP would be £22.40 (£0.80 per capita), which is about a half of what was originally predicted by Emperor Adam I. For comparison, the GDP per capita of Somalia is $150 according to the World Bank.

In other news, AISA has received a reply from the suppliers of its model rocket. Apparently, the problem has been reported by multiple people and seems to lie with the industry standard Duracell batteries not working well with the launch controller. Instead, an Energizer battery was recommended and it is expected that one will be obtained soon.

AISA - new logo shown here - has been advised by its suppliers
AISA – new logo shown here – has been advised by its suppliers

On the subject of AISA, the Adammic Space Agency has become one of three organisations which has had an official logo designed for it by Emmanouil Tsompanoglou, the designer of the current Adammic Coat of Arms. The Ashukov graphic designer also made logos for the Adammic Police Force and Adammic Online Broadcasting.

The new AOB logo The new APF logo
Left: the new AOB Logo. Right: The new APF logo.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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