News Report – 13th July 2014 – 2014 Elections Announced

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – as the Ruling Council met for its 29th meeting in White Gold Palace yesterday, HIM the Emperor discussed with the members the dates for 2014’s imminent elections. They were promptly announced as: 26th July for the Local Elections of Tytannia and Primoria, with Maternia’s Local Election within the following week; and the National Elections on the 9th of August. Watertopia and Myway will not be holding Local Elections as their annexation and subsequent elections were only six months ago. Speculation abounds about what this will mean for the Council and the National Government – with I Legislature officially considered convened for the last time and the August meeting marking the beginning of II Legislature, it is possible that we may see new Councilors taking up office. Nobody has officially announced their candidacy yet, but an increase in population and interest could lead to some genuine election battles that were mostly absent last year. For example, Maternia now has two residents instead of one, meaning the election of its Councilor will not be as straightforward as 2013. Furthermore, a new Prime Minister in the National Elections would almost certainly mean a brand new Cabinet, perhaps incorporating members from the new provinces of Myway and Watertopia which did not exist when the Belcher Cabinet was formed in September last year. Indeed, the current Prime Minister, Emperor Mother Jayne, suggested that HG Julie Foster, Duchess and Councilor for Watertopia who is often forgotten due to not being a member of the ‘big three’ (the Emperor, Emperor Mother Jayne, and Sir Reginald Hall), could become a future Minister of Finance. This would of course mean that Sir Reginald Hall would be replaced as Finance Minister – but could he go on to even greater things, perhaps winning the National Election he lost last year and becoming Prime Minister? Only time will tell.

Also during the Council meeting, the Emergency Situations Act 2014 was passed, creating provisions for States of Emergency and outlining what to do if, for example, the Ruling Council somehow became vacant. In addition, the Economy Act 2014 was amended so that tax money from Adammia’s companies is now collected per quarter rather than per year, giving the Treasury access to new funds much more regularly. Finally, Imperial Decree XXV passed through Council, synchronising the Colonies (namely, Creatuxia) with the rest of the Empire in terms of citizenship and titles, whilst prohibiting the creation of Colonial militias and separating the economies of Colonies from the rest of the Empire.

In anticipation of the upcoming elections, HIM Emperor Adam I gave a speech in White Gold Palace in his capacity as President of the LIST Party, promoting the Empire’s only political party publicly for the first time. The speech is now available as a party political broadcast on Adammic Online Television.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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