News Report – 27th July 2014 – Devon Territory Gained as Elections Begin

Adam I, Editor

SAUNDERSFOOT, Wales – Unreported in the Adammic Express, on the 15th of July, the Adammic Emperor, Adam I, was made the leader of a little known micronation known as the Democratic Empire of North Queen Elizabeth Drive (DEONQED), a once-notable state in the Mid-Devon sector that had slumped into inactivity. After some planning with DEONQED’s ambassador Will McCracken, the Emperor issued Imperial Decree XXVII on Tuesday, incorporating DEONQED into Adammia as the Territorial Claim of Borealia (despite being ironically the Empire’s southern-most territory). Borealia is under the direct control of the Monarchy, and His Imperial Majesty as adopted the title of Emperor of Borealia to reflect the new status. The Emperor’s authority is carried out through a military unit made up of the former armed forces of DEONQED, now the 2nd Infantry Division, under the command of McCracken, now General of Borealia. The General is acts as the Emperor’s second-in-command in the region. More information about Borealia and its long heritage will likely be written up soon. As a result of the new land, the Empire has gained 3 citizens and over 6000 square metres of land, and has a total of 30 citizens and 66,266 square metres of land.

Meanwhile, Election season is finally upon us as Tytannia and Primoria went to the polls yesterday. Sir Reginald Hall was re-elected Councilor in Tytannia, whilst Crown Prince Daniel replaced Emperor Adam as Councilor of Primoria. By Thursday, Maternia will have become the last Province to hold Local Elections, and then the National Election is scheduled for the 9th of August. Adammic Express favourite Sir Reginald has announced that he does not wish to run in the national election, narrowing down the list of possible Prime Ministers for the 2014-2015 term.

Today, the Imperial Family (this being the Emperor, Crown Prince Daniel, Prince Jake, Emperor Mother Jayne and Sir Paul McKenna) travelled from Adammia to a caravan in south Wales. This furthest that Adammia’s leaders have been away from its territory in the history of the Empire; the armed forces were given standing orders to guard the Empire under the guidance of Air Commodore Sir Tom Bennett and General Sir Guy Crossland. The Imperial Family shall return on Wednesday.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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