News Report – 3rd August 2014 – National Election Candidates Announced

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Shortly after returning from their holiday in Wales, the residents of Maternia Province conducted the last Local Election of the year on Thursday the 31st. The election saw HIH Emperor Mother Jayne retaining her seat as Councilor of the province. Within hours, the Office of the Emperor issued Imperial Decree XXVIII to reshuffle the Ruling Council. HIH Prince Jake was moved from Duke of Maternia to Duke of Primoria, reflecting the fact that Crown Prince Daniel was now Councilor of Primoria. The vacancy in Maternia was filled with Sir Paul McKenna, who immigrated into the province in April this year. This is the first time that a non-blood relative of the Emperor has become a Duke.

Today, the Office of State was busy preparing for the National Election, which is now only 6 days away. At last, the candidates have been confirmed. They are:
-HIH Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher (current PM seeking re-election), Councilor of Maternia
-HG Julie Foster, Councilor of Watertopia
-HIH Crown Prince Daniel, Councilor of Primoria

Emperor Mother Jayne Julie Foster Crown Prince Daniel
From left to right: Emperor Mother Jayne, Julie Foster, Crown Prince Daniel

Within the next few days, ballot forms will be produced, and checks will be carried out to make sure that there is sufficient contact with all of the Empire’s full citizens so that everyone has a chance to vote. It is quite possible that the election will take place over Saturday and Sunday to give people enough time. The Adammic Express has already interviewed Emperor Mother Jayne and will likely be talking with Duchess Julie and Crown Prince Daniel tomorrow, so that a special pre-election interview section can be released like last year. Following the interview today, HIM the Emperor thanked the current Prime Minister, Emperor Mother Jayne, for her commitment during the 2013-2014 term.

In other news, the Transport Network Agency awoke from its usual dormant state this week to produce a design for a theoretical motorway sign for the M1 Junction 2 outside Imperial City in Tytannia.

M1 Junction 2 sign
The design for the motorway junction sign

Plans have also been formulated in Adammia’s newest territory of Borealia. General Will McCracken has announced that a sizable haul of bricks has been found and could be used to construct a monument to the Emperor in Further Natland, a region near the territory. Furthermore, there are plans to construct a foundry of sorts where metals such as aluminium can be melted down and made into tools. These have been hindered, however, by the territory’s low population, with searches for new recruits being unsuccessful. Still, a flag has been designed and approved by the Emperor. It is the first flag to be associated with the Empire since Tytannia’s unofficial flag was designed in April last year.

The flag of Borealia
The flag of Borealia

Finally, today is the 49th birthday of HIH Emperor Father Kevin, Baron of Adamsville. Imperial Mail used the rare opportunity to deliver a card from the Emperor and the Princes.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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