Adammic Express National Election 2014 Coverage – LIVE UPDATES

Adam I, Editor

Update 3 – 10 August, 20:12: ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Rain lashed the Empire and thunder rumbled across our skies as the remnants of Hurricane Bertha swept across Great Britain this afternoon, with some of the loudest thunder heard in Adammia’s history prompting Billy, mascot of the Adammic Army, to cower in the Ruling Council chambers of White Gold Palace. It was here that Tytannia province went to the polls, along with citizens from Maternia, Watertopia and abroad in the UK. Earlier at around 10AM, a rare email from Myway province reached the Lord Chancellor, providing another 4 votes, although 2 were invalidated due to them supporting Crown Prince Daniel, who had already withdrawn his candidacy. Interestingly, Myway’s ballots included a vote from the young Christina Hall, who is not even 5 years old, raising eyebrows about Adammia’s non-existant voting age. The de-facto voting age had been 8 years old, but it seems that the Office of State will waive this unwritten rule on this occasion. In Tytannia, the two running candidates cast their votes, each reportedly voting for themselves. At this point, the majority of possible votes seem to have been cast, and will likely give the strongest voter turnout on record for a national vote.

Update 2 – 10 August, 00:41: ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The National Election reaches its half-way point as the first day of voting comes to a close. 8 votes have been cast so far, and a minimum total of 14 must be reached by tomorrow in order for turnout to be above 50% and therefore validate the election. Polls have closed in Primoria, but will be open in Tytannia tomorrow to the residents of that province as well as Watertopia and Maternia, whilst Myway will be sending in its own votes by email.

Update 1 – 9 August, 14:17: ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – The electorial machine roars to life this morning. More than two dozen ballot forms have been printed, despite having to work around yet another A4 paper shortage in Primoria where the Office of State is situated. As messages head out over Skype to our citizens living abroad in the UK, France and elsewhere, the polling station is set to open in Primoria very soon. The first two votes have already come in, including that of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor himself, but there’s a long way to go until midnight on Sunday when the voting closes.

8 August: ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – In less than 24 hours, Adammia’s second National Elections will be underway. Ballot forms will be prepared today ready to be printed off at midnight. Already since our last report on Sunday, there have been a few important changes. Firstly, at the recommendation of the Emperor, Crown Prince Daniel has WITHDRAWN his candidacy. The candidates are currently as follows:

-HIH Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher (current PM seeking re-election)
-HG Julie Foster

Furthermore, the Office of State has decided that the election will now take place over two days – the full weekend of the 9th and 10th of August. In the meantime, we can now publish our interviews with the candidates. We already know a lot about Emperor Mother Jayne from the election campaign last year, but we will be republishing some of those questions along with a couple of new ones we asked at the weekend.

Her Imperial Highness Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher, Prime Minister, Dame Commander of the Order of Adammia (Councilor of Maternia)

Some answers from last year:

Do you think that a lot of rules are a good idea, or do you think that people should have the freedom to do what they want, as long as it’s acceptable and doesn’t infringe on people’s rights?

I think that it’s very important to have rules to do with law and order […] There should never be a situation where anarchy could arise. I don’t even believe that people should have a freedom of speech if that could be offensive to other people. So yes, I believe in rules for law and order, but I think that people should have freedom for their own enterprises and their own gains.

What about religion and how it relates to politics? Should religion be a part of how the country is run?

Religion and politics have always gone hand in hand. I think politics should be a totally separate issue. Religion is varied and we live in a multicultural society. Gay marriage should be legal but religious groups shouldn’t be forced to comply.

Some answers from Sunday (Please note that these questions were not recorded so the following are mostly paraphrased:

When asked about how the Empire had done in the past year under her government, the incumbent Prime Minister was very positive. She implied that Foundation Day in April was one of the high points of the term, with Adammia’s biggest-ever gathering mostly organised by herself. She expressed approval with the Empire’s increasing financial stability and the economy led by the wine industry in Tytannia. Furthermore, she noted the Empire’s growth in citizen numbers, and also the vast strides that have been taken in the legislative field, with the Ruling Council continuing to support the Monarch’s new laws.

In the future, under a re-elected Belcher government, the Emperor Mother stressed the need for more public spending, noting that how despite talks, nothing had been finalised yet, and that there was “no point growing” in regards to the rapidly inflating size of the Imperial Treasury’s funds in Tytannia. In addition, she backed the Emperor’s plans for investing into a “commemorative” object to be displayed in somewhere like Imperial City, which would, according to the Emperor, display the names of all of Adammia’s original 60 citizens in both English and Latin. Belcher’s final comment, something along the lines of a campaign slogan, was: “Vote for me… please!”

Her Grace Julie Foster, Duchess of Watertopia (Councilor of Watertopia)

What are your thoughts on how the Empire has progressed in the past year? Would you say the current government has done well?

We have seen a lot of growth in the empire over the last year, with Watertopia and MyWay having joined. The current government has done a great job in overseeing this.

What are your thoughts on rules and regulations? Would you say lots of them are necessary or would you say you are more liberal?

I would consider a liberal approach to running the empire the best for our situation. I don’t feel that lots of rules and regulations are necessary, as all members are mature and tend to agree on any changes proposed.

Do you think that religion serves a role in the running of the country, or should it be completely separate?

I wouldn’t consider religion to play much of a part, as there are no practising members.

A big issue in the Empire right now is our financial situation and our increasing reserves of cash which are not being spent. What would you like to see a government under your control investing some of this money into?

With regards to the cash surplus we now have, I would suggest spending it on something that would benefit everyone, be it a social gathering or, as you have previously discussed, some sort of memorial detailing current members.


One thing is for sure, and that is that the Emperor Mother is coming under a lot more pressure this year from her sister Julie than last year from her father Sir Reginald Hall, and she has noted the presence of the “sibling rivalry”. Both candidates are similar in many ways. They are both fairly secular, and they both recognise the need for investing into cultural projects that benefit the whole Empire. However, Foster is notably more liberal than Belcher, and also had more ideas for public spending – while both supported the Emperor’s “monument” plan, Foster also suggested more “social gatherings”, although the question must be asked, would more gatherings detract from the uniqueness of Foundation Day? Meanwhile, Belcher demonstrated excellent knowledge of the Empire’s current affairs and the progress that had been made in the past year, whereas Foster only pointed out the annexations of Watertopia and Myway (which will no doubt please the Imperialists). If one thing can be said about Belcher and her government, it’s that they know how to get things done. Take for example the drive for more citizens – the government opened up citizen applications, invested in the national website, and since then the total number of citizens has doubled. Belcher has the experience that Foster lacks – Foster has never taken on a Ministerial role or any similar position in government prior to this, though that is not to say that she doesn’t have promise.

So there you have it – two strong candidates, but who will win to become Prime Minister for the 2014 – 2015 term? You decide. Full citizens can vote at polling stations or by contacting the Emperor. Honourary citizens are reminded that they cannot vote, though they can achieve this right by helping and serving the Empire. We will be updating this news post with live updates as the elections happen over the next few days, and the winner will be announced on Monday.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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