News Report – 18th August 2014 – Ruling Council Opens for Second Legislature

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Yesterday evening, His Imperial Majesty the Emperor opened the 30th meeting of the Ruling Council with an address announcing the start of II Legislature, which would sit in the term from August 2014 to July 2015. Prior to this, the Emperor entered the Council chambers in White Gold Palace behind a military guard and to a fanfare; the National Anthem of the Empire was then played. In his address, the Emperor announced the entire list of representatives that would make up the Council during the term, and also recapped the activities of the previous government in the last term, as that government, led by re-elected Prime Minister Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher, is of course returning during this term.

With this introductory speech out of the way, the business of Council began in earnest. Reports from the provinces showed that there was local activity around the Empire: HIH Prince Jake’s computer was moved to another room in Primoria to get better wi-fi reception; Concern was expressed from Maternia’s delegation over potentially violent domestic issues taking place with some of the British neighbours to the province; The plum harvest has begun in Tytannia, though a considerable number of the plums have been found to be harbouring grubs; The residents of Watertopia are going on holiday in two weeks’ time; and drainage has been carried out in Myway to reduce issues with damp in the buildings there.

Council expressed no opposition to Imperial Decrees XXVI, XXVII and XXVIII, all passed within the past month, which ceded Astley Meadow back to the UK, incorporated the new territory of Borealia, and reshuffled some of the nobles in the Ruling Council.

Towards the end of the meeting, the Emperor suggested that the opposing candidate in the recent National Election, HG Julie Foster, be made the new Deputy Prime Minister, following the tradition set last year where opposing candidate HG Sir Reginald Hall had been made Deputy PM. Duchess Foster succeeds Hall as Deputy PM and the Emperor Mother herself as Minister of Information. This came following suggestions that the Cabinet should be changed to include politicians from the newer provinces of Watertopia and Myway which were not in the Empire when the Cabinet was first formed by the Prime Minister in September last year.

In other news, the Adammic Army carried out training exercises in Tytannia Army Base yesterday, which were suddenly called off due to an outbreak of heavy rain. The Emperor, who is also the Grand Marshal of the armed forces, noted with amusement that the Army is very disorganised, but it can pack up its equipment and retreat to White Gold Palace with lightning precision and speed.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!

Edit: We would like to take this opportunity to wish a happy birthday on behalf of the Adammic government to: Madam Alice Sutton, Dame of the Order of Adammia, who turned 15, and Pvt. Harry Dawson, reserve soldier of the 2nd Infantry Regiment, who turned 16, both on Tuesday the 12th; and to Her Illustrious Highness Princess Consort Sydney, who turned 15 today.


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