News Report – 25th August 2014 – Citizens recieve GCSE results, Emperor visits Coventry and tours West Adammia

Adam I, Editor

Editor’s note: We apologise for the delay in publishing this edition of the Adammic Express.

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – It may have been a quiet week in the corridors of power of Imperial City and Adamsville, but the citizens of the Empire certainly have lots to talk about. On Monday the 18th, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam visited the province of Watertopia for the first time since long before its annexation to the Empire, walking there through the UK from Primoria province. All Adammic provinces have now been visited by the Emperor at some point during their time in the Empire.

Meanwhile, Thursday was a big day for many Adammic citizens recieving their GCSE results in the United Kingdom. A large portion of Adammia’s citizens are members of the Emperor’s year group at school, and thus 21 of them (according to a tweet by the Office of the Emperor, using the Ministry of Citizenship’s statistics) simultaneously recieved their results from the school, situated near to Primoria and the former territory of Astley Meadow. Emperor Adam was amongst them, receiving 6 A*s, 1 A and 1 B, prompting congratulations from not only within the Empire but from a wide range of the Emperor Mother’s friends on Facebook. High-ranking army officials also recieved results: Commodore Sir Tom Bennett COA, who has a long-standing friendly rivalry in academia with the Emperor, achieved similarly high results; meanwhile, General Sir Guy Crossland COA was pleased to have passed most of his exams despite failing Food Tech. We have looked at the results published in the local British newspaper and have found that all Adammic citizens did well, only ever failing one or no GCSEs at all. We at the Adammic Express congratulate all of you for your hard work, acknowledging that many of you will take your own paths away from the Empire now that the school that brought you together here is over.

Moving on, immediately following results day, a detatchment of the Adammic Army consisting of HIM the Emperor, General Sir Guy Crossland COA and Colonel Alex Hollis travelled to Coventry, UK on Friday to attend the Insomnia Gaming Festival. The fourth festival in the I-series with an Adammic presence saw the Emperor spending time with his close online friend and trusted confidante Madam Becky Spencer-Smith COA, along with Sir Jordan Jones KOA and a number of other individuals not directly linked to the Empire. Camping overnight on Friday required the Army unit to set up their own tents, which the Emperor noted was another highlight of the Army’s lack of experience as they struggled to set up the larger of the two tents. We understand that, despite being technically off-duty and, with the exception of the Emperor, more than willing to consume large amounts of alcohol, the Army forces present were willing to assist and even protect Adammic and British citizens alike in response to the various drunken antics of the weekend, something which we are most proud of our men for. All the attendees within the group of which the Army troops were part of are reported to have enjoyed themselves massively. Emperor Adam gave a more detailed account of the weekend’s events on his personal blog here.

Finally, today unusually saw the Emperor, along with the two princes, visiting all three provinces in West Adammia in an unintended tour of the administrative region of which the Emperor is the Archduke. A regular visit to the Prime Minister’s home in Maternia from the Imperial Household in Primoria took a brief stop in Watertopia due to transport organisational issues, and the Emperor used the opportunity of his second visit to Watertopia a week to have the Imperial Institute of Geography finally survey the province. It was found that one of the Empire’s only two B roads, the B301, does in fact not exist and was merged with the M3 probably before Watertopia was annexed, and it was only thanks to outdated Google Earth imagery that the route had been included in the Transport Network Agency’s records and maps. Myway province remains the only province which has not yet been mapped.

Finally, there is only one birthday this week: The Adammic Express would like to wish a happy 7th birthday to James Foster, resident of Watertopia and cousin of the Emperor who perpetrated the Skirmish of Tytannia in May last year.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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