News Report – 1st September 2014 – Emperor Running for GUM Chair, New Company Registered

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – It may have been another quiet week politically, but activity continues throughout the Empire as the British academic summer holiday draws to a close. In Tytannia, reports have come in of a highly successful plum harvest at Outwood Orchard. In the new territory of Borealia, plans have been made for a new military campaign to secure some of the nearby old DEONQED land and establish new forts, with the 2nd Infantry Division beginning training with air rifles. Despite having earlier issues with attacks from nearby “chavs” preventing them from accessing the local resources, the addition of heavier weaponry and the promise of new recruits on the horizon has left the Borealians in a much stronger position. Back in the provinces, Contributions collections yesterday pushed the reserves of His Majesty’s Imperial Treasury over the £40 milestone for the first time, leading the Emperor to announce that he would propose a public spending Act at the September Ruling Council meeting.

In much bigger news, on Thursday, Lord Richard I of Clyro (or Sir Richard Cunningham KOA in Adammia) nominated HIM the Emperor for the office of Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational in the upcoming September GUM elections. Emperor Adam, who was already considering nominating himself, accepted and decided to run against the incumbent Chair, Mr. Joseph Kennedy (Sir Joseph Kennedy KOA in Adammia). Then, just tonight, the Emperor published his campaign manifesto, which can be read here: . He is the first candidate to publish a manifesto. The Adammic Express is obviously supporting the Emperor so we won’t be hosting any interviews or debates with the candidates, but we understand that several foreign publications are planning on hosting such things and we may link to those in next week’s article.

Also tonight, a brand new Adammic company has just been registered – the Emperor has started Arcturus Administration Ltd., which will supposedly specialise in such things as printing and accountancy. The printing side will likely be applied by charging for use of one of territorial Adammia’s few printers located in the Office of the Emperor.

Finally, the Adammic Express would like to take note of the many Adammic citizens taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. These include: HIH Emperor Mother Jayne PM COA; Lord Sir Andrew Hall KOA; Madam Becky Spencer-Smith COA; Madam Alice Sutton DOA; High Lord Overseer Sir Damian Parker COA; Commodore Sir Tom Bennett COA; and Sergeant Sir Pace Beardsley KOA. While HIM the Emperor was nominated, he did not attempt the Ice Bucket Challenge and instead only donated to charity, discussing this on his private YouTube channel ABanimationLtd. (Note: If there are any citizens we missed, let us know and they will be added to the above list)

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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