News Report – 14th September 2014 – Emperor Adam I Elected GUM Chair, Borealia Foundry Explodes

Adam I, Editor

Note: We apologise for having to skip last week’s article.

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – Voting for the position of Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational closed on Thursday, with His Imperial Majesty the Emperor defeating the incumbent Joseph Kennedy by 7 votes to 5. Emperor Adam is now Chair of the GUM and this has been considered a massive achievement for the Empire of Adammia. Having only taken office yesterday, the effects of the Emperor’s promised administrative reforms are not yet visible, but this evening he chaired the first Quorum meeting of the term, in which a motion for the creation of Junior Secretaries was approved, meaning one point on his manifesto has already been completed. The Emperor is very proud and has said he considers it a “massive honour” to take up this prestigious position.

Meanwhile in domestic news, news broke yesterday that the foundry in Borealia, constructed and operated by the 2nd Infantry Division under General Will McCracken, exploded in an accident. The scene was described as there being smoke everywhere, with “charcoal raining from the sky”. The Emperor has ordered an investigation and already suggestions have come in on the MicroWiki forums as to what caused the incident, with contact with water and the ensuing steam pressure being a likely candidate. This industrial disaster is the first of its kind in Adammic history and is quite possibly the largest explosion ever known in Adammic territory.

Now for a quick round-up of minor news: Adammia is coming closer to finally signing a treaty with Leylandiistan, which has been in the works for some time now but was held back by Leylandiistan’s bureaucracy. The Ministry of Defence has set up a series of “spheres of influence” around Adammic territory to classify different response times to foreign threats – more can be read about them here: Suggestions have continued regarding the public spending Act which is supposed to be presented at the Council sometime this month – as it stands, the framed list of citizens as a cultural project has high priority but plans are also circulating to divert some spending to the Ministry of Defence to buy a RC quadcopter for the Air Force.

Finally, we wish a happy birthday to honourary Adammic citizen Elizabeth “Libby” Coen who turned 17 on the 2nd of September.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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