News Report – 21st September 2014 – Public Spending Plans Near To Completion

Adam I, Editor

ADAMSVILLE, Primoria – It has been a relatively quiet week in the Empire, so here is a quick round-up of what little has been happening: Recently, there have been very few people at the weekly meetups of the House of Hall in Tytannia, meaning that the Emperor has continually been postponing the September meeting of the Ruling Council in the hopes that there will be more members present the week after. With only one weekend left in September, a meeting must legally be held next weekend. At this meeting, the Emperor plans to finally unveil the Public Spending Act which has been discussed for months now. The Act will finally allocate the £40 saved in HM Imperial Treasury towards a framed list of the names of all the Adammic citizens, and a remote controlled quadcopter for the Air Force. However, the framed list monument, which is yet to receive a proper name, is intended to be mounted in White Gold Palace and thus will have to be negotiated with the Duchess of Tytannia, who is currently on holiday outside of Great Britain. She will have returned in time for next week’s Council meeting, but crucially, Sir Reginald Hall, the Minister of Finance and Councilor of Tytannia whose support is vital, will not be present next weekend. Therefore, yesterday the Emperor discussed the plans with the Finance Minister, who fully endorsed them, as did the Prime Minister Emperor Mother Jayne. With this out of the way, the stage is set for the Council to approve the Public Spending Act less than a week from now, at which point money will be directed to the Ministry of Defence in Primoria to buy the quadcopter and negotiations will begin with the Tytannia Local Government to find somewhere in White Gold Palace to house the monument.

In other news, Adammic Online Broadcasting announced that plans were underway to produce a monthly internet radio show, co-hosted by the Emperor and Madam Alice Sutton DOA. There are no further details at this point.

The Emperor, as the Director-Administrator of the Adammic Imperial Space Agency, expressed concern to the Prime Minister yesterday that the Andromeda Program would not be able to carry out a third launch attempt this year if the alternative battery, recommended by the suppliers of the model rocket, was not acquired soon, as winter is rapidly approaching and this does not give ideal conditions for launching a model rocket. Delays until Spring 2015 could see the warranty on the Estes rocket expire, meaning that if there were further problems with it at that point, the private investment by the Emperor into the rocket would have been completely wasted. The Prime Minister shared these concerns, but it is currently unknown where and when the battery will be bought, as previous attempts to find the specified brand were unsuccessful.

That is all for this week. Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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