Adam I on the Council and the Government

The following opinion piece is written by His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I. The Adammic Express does not endorse the opinions of any politicians.

Things have really been cruising along lately in the Empire as far as politics are concerned. Since Foundation Day, the Ruling Council has passed a handful of laws, the executive has carried out only essential tasks, and nothing at all exciting has happened. By exciting, I mean things that will help the Empire progress. Before Foundation Day, we had all sorts going on: Annexations, the reform of the civil service, and of course the Flappy Bird Crisis which led to the creation of the Police Force.

It’s hard to deny that I am still the driving force behind Adammic politics. Without me, the system would probably collapse within weeks, or a few months at best. All the legislation brought before Council has been written by me, and I have also been behind most of the plans carried out by the Cabinet. While I am happy to handle the civil administration side of government, the political side should be stepping up its game a little. Admittedly, the Foundation Day celebrations were devised and orchestrated by the Prime Minister very excellently, and she continues to play a key role offering suggestions during Ruling Council meetings. The Minister of Finance has also done an outstanding job in managing the Treasury and working with me to get the nation’s fledgling economy up and running.

And that is where the efforts of the Government end. And why shouldn’t they? There’s no reason for them to do anything more. The sad truth is that we have a Cabinet of 8 Ministers and we could probably survive with just 4. The Ministry of Science and Technology runs AISA at my own prompting, and that wasn’t even successful, meaning that at present the entire department is useless. The Ministry of the Environment is just a joke. The Ministry of Information and the Ministry of Infrastructure have relatively new Ministers, but there’s no sign of enthusiasm from any of them. The Ministry of Culture has been given several responsibilities by Acts of Council, but Lord Sir Andrew has not even been made aware of these.

So – what’s going on? Well, for starts, I myself am largely to blame. As the Prime Minister’s Director of Communications, I should probably be ensuring that the Ministries at least actually co-operate with each other and do what they are expected. However, the Cabinet does not meet without my prompting. That shows that the Prime Minister and the rest of her team, too, need to start taking charge for themselves and coming up with productive projects and policies.

Meanwhile, there is the Ruling Council to think about. The Council itself is certainly big enough. With our 11 members, compared to, for example, the 8 representatives in the Austenasian Parliament, we have a legislature most micronations would kill for – and it even meets in real life. The problem comes from the apathy of its members. They’ll go with whatever legislation I put before them, which is incredibly convenient for me, but at the same time kind of disappointing. Under a Westminster system like ours, the executive should be accountable to the legislature, but because none of them care what the Cabinet does, the Council are happy to just sit back instead of putting any kind of pressure on them to do the right thing. 8 out of the 11 Council members are Cabinet Ministers anyway. There are no active political parties, so the closest thing we have to an Opposition are the 3 Council members who aren’t in the Cabinet. Amongst those are the 2 representatives from Myway, who last attended Council in April and who I have only even seen once since then. Their absence is as much to do with their apathy as it is to do with their distance from White Gold Palace and their busy schedule. They are excused. That leaves Prince Jake, who is completely disinterested and probably doesn’t even know what the Government is actually doing most of the time. To quote Malcolm Tucker, he’s so back-bench he’s actually fallen off. He’s out by the bins.

So, here’s what needs to happen. First, I need to have a decent long meeting with the Prime Minister so we can figure out just what is going on with the rest of the Cabinet. We need to speak with the Ministers and give them something of a reality check. By some means, we need to get them doing their jobs again. Then, at the next election, we make more of an effort to divide the Council into at least two teams instead of just two Prime Ministerial candidates, which will give us our political parties and a natural Opposition. An Opposition can pressure the Government into keeping up the pace. We know that this works – Duke Christopher, in one of his rare Council appearances in February this year, criticised the Government’s relative lack of planning for Foundation Day – we promptly began sorting things out, and look how well the event turned out.

However, I fear that this is still not a long-term solution. Forcing the Council into sides may provide some of the driving force needed, but at the end of the day they still aren’t politically motivated enough to challenge their own family. What would be ideal is a new wave of politicians from new Adammic provinces, who have more of an interest in furthering the Empire’s political system. Unfortunately, we have reached the limit with the way we run things now. Council meets during our weekly family visits to Tytannia, and inviting non-family members there to take part in Council could rapidly become difficult. The provinces would have to be nearby, and nobody I know within my immediate vicinity – i.e., old schoolfriends and the like – has ever shown any interest in participating in Adammic politics. They did well in the Army, but outside of that, the hobby as a whole does not appeal to them. It seems we have reached the largest point to which we can grow – so for now, we’re going to have to make the most of what we’ve got.

Seek wisdom and honour, and long live the Empire!


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